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November 13, 2020

35 Of The Best Relationship Marketing Quotes

By NOW Marketing Group

Ah, how we love relationship marketing. We also love a great quote tweetable to inspire others on how to make relationships the forefront of business.

Here’s the list of our favorite 35 quotes about relationship marketing: 

1- “Community is one thing that’s not for sale. It must be earned through authentic relationships.” @JessikaPhillips (click to tweet)

2- “You have to stop treating your social media like a billboard. Turn one-way broadcasting into a two-way conversation. NO ONE has ever had a relationship with a billboard.” @iSocialFanz (click to tweet)

3- “Hire for culture fit above all. Hire people smarter than you. Encourage your team privately, publicly, and frequently!” @JessikaPhillips‬ (click to tweet)

4- “Community marketing is never wrong.” @findtroy (click to tweet)

RelationshipMarketingQuote - Spencer Waldron @preziland

6- “You need to bring the best of the best around you! If you surround yourself with the right people, if you can continue to be open to growing and learning, you'll continue to find success.” @JessikaPhillips (click to tweet)

7- “Tell your brand story. No matter the brand size, they all started out with a human and a dream.” @cgritmon (click to tweet)

8- “BE Yourself. BE Consistent. BE accessible. Don’t always BE selling.” @marc_bowker (click to tweet)

9- “Brands tend to jump to the sale - going in with an expectation of the relationship. People can feel that.” @jessikaphillips (click to tweet)

10- “Work the LONG GAME. You don’t want your relationship to last 6-8 months, you want it to last for years.” @mike_allton (click to tweet)

Relationship Marketing Quote - Jessika Phillips @jessikaphillips

12- “Don’t always be selling. My philosophy has been to educate and entertain.” @marc_bowker (click to tweet)

13- “Consistency is the most important thing. Consistency - not only in your brand message on social media - but your brand message to your employees and in your company meetings.” @iSocialFanz (click to tweet)

14- “If you are going in with an expectation right out of the gate, that’s not relationship building. That’s selling.” @jessikaphillips (click to tweet)

15- “Your social media managers are the people who are outright talking to your social media followers and engaging your community. Wouldn’t it be great to know who they are?” @cgritmon (click to tweet)

16- “When it comes to capturing attention, it comes to personalizing it.” @jessikaphillips (click to tweet)

Relationship Marketing Quote Brian Fanzo @isocialfanz

18- “When we are doing good business, we know it...because it feels good in our soul. Plan with your mind but build from your heart.” @jessikaphillips (click to tweet)

19- “Marketing is a series of trial and error. Trial and error. You will fail, but keep trying.” @findtroy (click to tweet)

20- “We can’t talk about caring until you’re willing to put yourself in the shoes of your customer.” @isocialfanz (click to tweet)

21- “It's not just what you do, it's how you do it that makes all the difference.”  @jessikaphillips (click to tweet)

Relationship Marketing Quote Troy Sandage @findtroy

23- “To gain a new perspective, you have to ask the questions you think you already have the answers to.” @isocialfanz (click to tweet)

24- “You can't assume everyone thinks like you on your team. At the end of the day, no one else can read your mind and you can't read their mind. So show examples: This is how we will respond, this is what we do, etc.” @marc_bowker (click to tweet)

25- "Things that you AREN'T doing are also creating an experience." @isocialfanz (click to tweet)

26- “The #1 reason someone will choose one brand over another, isn’t about the product it’s about the experience that the brand provides.” @jessikaphillips (click to tweet)

27- “The larger your company gets, the harder it is to have a personality.” @isocialfanz (click to tweet)

Relationship Marketing quote Jessika Phillips @jessikaphillips

29- “If you go into a conversation with someone as a high-pressure salesman, you'll lose them. If you sit down and have a conversation instead, there's so much added value.” @mike_allton (click to tweet)

30- “Starting with your brand manifesto, so that you can develop the personality of the brand - of the how and why someone is going to want to connect with you in the first place.” @jessikaphillips (click to tweet) 

31- “Be relatable in your messaging. it's all about what draws your audience in.” @bricewoodard (click to tweet)

32- “People buy from people they like. Great companies are great not because of the product or services they provide, but rather the people that make up that company.” @isocialfanz (click to tweet)

Relationship Marketing Quote Mike Allton @mike_allton

34- “Being "craveable" means people want to work with you again and again because of those elements that can not be automated.” @jessikaphillips (click to tweet)

35- “If I'm investing in building trust and community, I need to know that the ROI will not be there IMMEDIATELY.” @isocialfanz (click to tweet)

Being A Magnet:

These quotes remind us that relationship marketing is about being a magnet, not a bullhorn. It’s about attracting the right people to you, with clear and consistent messaging that tells your story and your WHY. 

It’s not about WHAT you do, but HOW you do it. Your HOW is going to be the driver of that repeat and referral business. 

Relationship marketing is a mindset shift away from immediacy and sales, towards longevity and genuine connections. It’s all about caring for your customers; putting yourself in their shoes and delivering for them time and time again.


If you like these tweetables, you’ll be happy to know that they ALL came from our free Relationships + ROI Masterclass (Available on-demand, for free. #Winning) 

The goal of the event? To create relationships and provide value. We wanted to help people understand exactly what relationship marketing is. That it’s a mindset, not a strategy. 

The focus? Teaching you how to capture attention, articulate your message and keep your clients coming back for more. 

Our speakers did an exceptional job at breaking down the art of growing repeat and referral relationships that truly increase the ROI in your business. 

We talked all about:

  • What it takes to elevate your message above all the online noise
  • How to reduce friction and increase delight with your customers
  • Ways to build a craveable brand that keeps customers raving about you
  • How to turn your followers into true fans, clients into advocates and community into collaborators 

What do you think? Which quote is your favorite? How are you going to start to use relationship marketing in your business? 

Let us know and get all of the deets for our Masterclass below! 

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