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September 13, 2017

Key takeaways from Content Marketing World 2017

By NOW Marketing Group

Relationship marketing and storytelling were major topics at this year's Content Marketing World Conference and Expo

The theme this year was “The World of Stories” and it was, of course, extremely fitting because of all the latest social media changes and marketing trends we have seen in the last year. The conference focused on the literal aspect of brands embracing the art of storytelling.

Content Marketing Institute puts on its Content Marketing World conference every year in Cleveland, Ohio, with a little under 5,000 attendees from all over the world. It’s a gathering of storytellers or people in marketing, public relations, and other fields who are at the forefront of digital and content marketing.

At the crux of the conference, was the idea that if we are trying to sell marketing that feels like marketing, it isn’t going to work. And that’s because the world is becoming more interconnected and smaller. Everybody is a broadcaster. People are capable of sniffing out disingenuous marketers. They don’t fall for the same tricks.

But this also gives us an opportunity that we didn’t have before. We have the ability to connect with others as never before, through the social media, live videos, and content marketing that we produce. If we are genuine in building relationships and committed to having the best in mind for our consumers, they can tell and they will appreciate it.

The question that remains is:

  1. How are we going to differentiate ourselves
  2. How are we going to build relationships that are meaningful
  3. How do we do this without spamming people or bombarding them

What does this mean for people who are trying to market a product? Simply put, you have to think like your customers and you have to think about how you will tell stories that will connect with them. Ask yourself, what am I trying to build here, who is it for, what is our purpose, how are they going to consume it and why would they crave it?

How to tell a story

Predicted to be more than 80 percent of internet traffic by 2020, and one we’ve been talking about for awhile is video storytelling. You can use video is a variety of ways. You’re either going to engage, entertain, set yourself as the expert, or educate your audience. If you follow this, you will make people want to come back to your content.

“If you’re not inspired when you’re telling your story, why would anyone else be?”

You have to be authentic in telling your story. All of us have a story. Embrace who you are and share with others. If you’re an entertainer, entertain people. If you are better at educating people, share helpful tips and tricks relevant to your industry.

At the very heart of what you’re doing, you have to care about what you’re sharing with them. We mentioned earlier that people can very easily tell when you aren’t being genuine. If you’re not passionate, people aren’t going stick around. There is an overwhelming amount of content creators out there, so if you aren’t doing what you love, people can and will find someone else. But, do what you love, share what makes you passionate, and follow your strengths and you will build an audience.

Want to watch the full video? Check it out here:

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