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May 31, 2019

New Rules of Marketing in 2019 the H2H Impact

By NOW Marketing Group
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H2H? What the “H” does that mean?

We’re going to ask you to take a deep dive back into old-school marketing. Pre-automation. Pre-digital revolution. Pre-selfie *gasp.* Seriously what the “H” are we talking about? We’re talking about the HUMAN component of marketing.

H2H = Human to Human.

This saying was coined by the OG of H2H Bryan Kramer and being relationship marketers, this aligns perfectly with our beliefs of what works in marketing.

More on that...

Technology has allowed us to reach new heights when it comes to shouting our brand’s marketing messaging to the masses. We are opening doors which never once would have been thought of for the small business. Turning a mom-and-pop shop into a global eCommerce brand. Reaching continent to continent with a flip of a switch.

What’s so bad about this scenario? Nothing. However, are we maximizing the impact we could potentially have on these new audience members? Broadcasting to the masses may get your follower numbers up, but what about engagement? How are you authentically relating to your fans and followers? It’s time to use these pieces of technology to make our human-to-human connections stronger.

We recently had a conversation with two of our favorite social influencers, Demian Ross and Bryan Kramer. Check out the full conversation above! We asked them to weigh in on these new rules of marketing and the human to human impact.

What kind of changes are happening that brands need to pay attention to?

Bryan states, and we agree, that we’re shifting into a bit of a retro pattern. 2016 was about scale and reach and vanity… whereas today, 2019, consumers are looking for a personal connection. We’re finding a more conversational, more personal tone with our engagement as our audiences are craving a H2H focus on relationships within their islands or their areas of influence.

What’s the value?

ROI is a constant validation point. How are we proving our worth? When brands can give someone on their team permission to be the face of the brand, to create content, talk about their passions, talk about the brand and be authentic about it, there is a relatability created - a connection with your online community. Brands are able to build that know, like and trust value through this online brand ambassador.

This brand ambassador isn’t asking for the sale, but when it’s time for a consumer to make a step toward a purchase, that KLT relationship is built and where do you think they’ll turn?

When you get into the cycle games (likes-for-likes) you’ll lose. You’ll lose every time and (finally) social platforms are rewarding brands for being authentic and real and consistent. It’s a level playing field where brains can win over budget. Creating an opportunity to engage with your community and collaborate will give people the opportunity to build a relationship with your brand. It’s officially time to put the nail in the infomercial coffin - the high-pressure pitch approach is not working.

What areas may a small business need to pivot?

Think about how can you add value to your prospects? Build the relationship first/conversation first, then find an opportunity to sell, as you are solving problems, alleviating pain points, you are building that KLT process.

Where do you think video is headed?

JP: Brands must have a “face of the brand” who is committed to showing up consistently to provide education and entertainment to make the videos work. Maintaining regularity with your videos will earn brownie points with the upcoming changes to Facebook. Google is indexing podcasting now also.

DR: Facebook live is the fajitas in the Mexican restaurant, once everyone sees it they oooh and ahhh then people eventually stop looking.

Live videos aren’t for everyone, so make sure you are creating content that will outlive the “fajita” factor.

What big changes that brands need to be paying attention and what’s coming?

BK: Virtual reality, augmented reality, managing those changes, and those changes Facebook is making which will make things much smaller. Door-to-door salespeople existed for a reason, if you are staring at someone eye-to-eye, that connection you are making is meaningful. The new way of being in business is the old way of being in business.

Creating small communities can make a greater impact, for example, Facebook and LinkedIn groups, creating micro-groups off social platforms, or slack groups, there are so many different flavors of groups. Create a community or group around a singular topic to personalize the message and conversation based on that specific interests. When groups fail it’s because the community isn’t on-boarded correctly. By personalizing the invitation and the group, you are inviting them to be part of the conversation, to actively engage… what it’s not: here join my stuff and let me sell you but if you don’t join then I won’t like you anymore. That’s not how this works. It isn’t an instant gratification scenario, this is a long-end game - it’s not about the selling, it’s about celebrating those people in the group where it’s active and filled with conversation between like-minded people. It has to be about others and not about you.

Where do you get started?

Take a look at your lists. Identify 20-30 people and reach out and invite them into something. Don’t send a mass email. Get it started by putting in the time and effort and be present with them - highlight them, feature them, make sure they are welcome - it’s like inviting someone into your home, you do everything you can to make them feel welcome. Be active in those micro-communities.

The final piece of advice for brands...

DR: Pick a number. Then do that number. For example, if you pick podcasts and videos and decide to film every day for 60 days. Just push through it. Don’t look at your views, don’t worry about closing sales, just do that number. Once you find that platform where you feel comfortable and put in the commitment and work, I promise you will start to see results.

BK: A lot of what we talked about is about taking action. If you talk yourself out of action you are limiting your momentum. If you’re sitting there and at that moment you’re telling yourself “I really want to do that,” then just stand up and do it! It’s at that moment where you are going to see some really cool things start to happen.

There is much more conversation to be had… check out the video above for the all the Q&A, engagement tips, tricks to creating smaller - more impactful - communities, then share with us how you are using technology to create a personalized H2H community.


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