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March 29, 2024

Should you hire In-House or Outsource your Social Media?

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Thinking about diving into social media marketing? That's the easy part. Figuring out whether to handle it in-house or outsource it? That's where the real plot thickens. Here's the lowdown on these two options that'll help you make the call with confidence.

The Price Tag

So, you want a social media manager on your payroll, huh? Be ready to cough up somewhere north of $51,000, to be precise. That's not just their salary; it's insurance, training, and all that jazz. Oh, and don't forget the panic when they decide to take a vacay.

But hey, what if you outsourced the gig? You're looking at around $17,000, give or take. That's a third of the cost, and guess what? No vacations to cover. Plus, you can kiss those health insurance worries goodbye.

The Know-How

Sure, your in-house champ might have some social media tricks up their sleeve. But let's be real, they're not a one-person encyclopedia of marketing wisdom. Trends change like the weather, and if they're not on the ball, your brand's gonna suffer.

Enter the agency superheroes. These folks eat, sleep, and breathe social media. They've got a squad of seasoned pros who live for this stuff. With them, you're not just getting one brain; you're tapping into a whole hive mind of expertise.

Where's the Focus?

Your in-house whiz might be juggling social media with a gazillion other tasks. And when push comes to shove, guess who gets the short end of the stick? Yep, your marketing efforts.

But with an agency? It's all hands on deck, all the time. No distractions, just pure marketing mojo, 24/7.

Turnover Troubles

Relying on one person for your social media magic? That's a recipe for disaster. Vacations, sick days, job hopping—you name it, and your marketing's left hanging.

Not so with an agency. They've got backups on backups. So, even when life throws a curveball, your social media stays on point.

Job Security vs. Success

Your in-house hire? They're playing it safe, doing just enough to keep their desk warm. But where's the ambition, the drive for greatness?

Enter the agency, stage left. They're hungry for success because they know if they drop the ball, you'll find someone who won't. It's a win-win.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

Your employee's off the clock? So are they from social media. New trends? Forget about it.

But not with an agency. These folks live and breathe innovation. They're constantly scanning the horizon for the next big thing, even in their downtime.

Task Mastery

Your in-house champ might be a whiz on Facebook and Twitter. But what about videos, blogs, and all that jazz?

Enter the agency dream team. They've got specialists for everything. Need a killer video? Done. Blog post? Easy peasy. With them, your marketing machine runs like a well-oiled engine.

Depending on your social media marketing needs and your budget, you can determine which avenue you want to take. You certainly will get more talent and a greater likelihood of success with an agency than you would with an individual. With an agency, you can also be sure that someone will be there to carry on your daily marketing needs, even when sickness strikes. A good agency will take the time to understand what you are looking for in terms of success and will seek to deliver it.

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