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March 1, 2024

Super Bowl Ads 2024 Recap

By NOW Marketing Group

The Super Bowl isn't just about touchdowns and halftime shows; it's also about the ads that captivate millions of viewers during breaks in the game. Super Bowl Ads 2024 didn't disappoint, with a myriad of commercials spanning from celebrity cameos to thought-provoking messages and even a touch of controversy. Let's dive into the highlights and memorable moments from this year's advertising extravaganza.

The Price Tag and Themes

With an eye-watering cost of around 7 million dollars for a mere 30 seconds of airtime, advertisers spared no expense to make a lasting impression. This year, the overarching themes revolved around celebrity cameos, a sprinkle of political and state-sponsored ads, and a dash of humor and controversy.

Celebrity Galore

Celebrities took center stage in several ads, showcasing their star power to endorse various products and causes. From DunkinDonuts' star-studded "Dunkings" to State Farm's "neigh-bah" featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger, big names added glitz and glamour to the commercial breaks.

Political and State-Sponsored Messages

In a surprising turn, viewers witnessed political ads such as the retro-inspired RFK Kennedy Ad, which harked back to a bygone era of politics. Additionally, state-sponsored ads like the Israel awareness ad shed light on pressing global issues, sparking both intrigue and controversy.

Religious and Thought-Provoking Ads

Ads with religious undertones, like the "Jesus didn't teach hate" campaign by Hobby Lobby, prompted introspection and debate. Meanwhile, thought-provoking messages from brands like DisneyPlus and Google resonated with audiences, albeit sometimes overshadowed by flashier counterparts.

Temu's Marketing Blitz

Temu, the shopping app, made waves with an unprecedented 2-3 ads, defying expectations and raising eyebrows with their 21 million USD minimum spend. While some found the onslaught of Temu ads overwhelming, it undeniably achieved its goal of sparking conversations.

Hits and Misses

Among the myriad of ads, some stood out for their creativity and humor, like Paramount+'s cameo-packed commercial featuring Creed. Others, like Kanye West's low-budget Yeezy.com ad, left viewers scratching their heads. Meanwhile, brands like Reese's struck the right balance with hilarious yet straightforward concepts.

Controversies and Copycat Claims

Not without its controversies, this year's Super Bowl Ads saw backlash against brands like Cetaphil for allegedly ripping off content from TikTok creators. Additionally, the lack of disclosure regarding foreign government-sponsored ads sparked debate and even legal action.


Super Bowl Ads 2024 offered a glimpse into the ever-evolving landscape of advertising, where creativity, controversy, and celebrity converge to capture the audience's attention. While some ads missed the mark and stirred controversy, others left a lasting impression, proving that in the world of advertising, the game is always on. As the buzz around this year's commercials continues, one thing remains clear: whether you love them or hate them, Super Bowl Ads are here to stay.


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