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November 5, 2018

Takeaways from Live2Lead that apply to life and business

By NOW Marketing Group
NOW Marketing Group Takeaways from Live2Lead that apply to life and business

On October 26 we had the opportunity to attend Live2Lead 2018 right here in Lima. The global rebroadcast reached audiences around the world and focused on breathing new life into leadership skills.

We heard from speakers John C. Maxwell, leadership expert, bestselling author and coach; Tyler Perry, a world-renowned filmmaker, actor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist; Carly Fiorina, 2016 presidential candidate, former CEO of Hewlett-Packard; Daniel Pink, best-selling author and top 10 most-watched Ted Talks of all time; and Debra Searle, motivational speaker and professional adventurer.

The most important takeaway from the conference was that leaders are made–not born. We all have the ability to become leaders. Here are some of the other key things we learned during the half-day conference.

From John Maxwell, we learned:

1. The cycle of success: Test, Fail, Learn, Improve, Re-enter.

2. Today’s best will not meet tomorrow challenges. You must continue to grow and be better than yesterday.

3. What you don’t do today is left on the table forever!

4. To ask ourselves what areas we want to grow in. Do we want to:

  • Become an overcomer
  • Grow in Relationships
  • Be intentional
  • Leadership
  • Communication

5. Go from growth with a timeline to growth without a finish line. Change our thoughts from “how long will it take?” to “How far can I go?”

6. Go from goals to growth! Fall in love with the journey, not the destination.

  • Embrace change. You don’t leave something, you go to something.
  • Fall in love with learning. Make your love of learning more than your fear of failure!
  • Develop relationships with growing people
  • Believe in yourself. You must value in yourself to add value in yourself!
  • Embrace layered learning

From Tyler Perry, we learned:

7. Don't compete against anyone else except yourself.

8. People’s lives and destiny are tied to what you decide to do.

9. Don’t be afraid to start small. Small moments matter. Acorns turn into trees!

10. The impact you make after you’ve made it. That’s what is compoundable.

11. Success is what I do for myself; significance is what I do for others!

12. Do not stop!

13. Carry love with your correction.

From Carly Fiorina, we learned:

14. Don’t worry that you can’t do what others do. You are meant to find your own path.

15. Everyone has more potential than they realize.

16. People closest to a problem always know how to make it better. They are not always given the opportunity to fix it or feel they don’t have the opportunity.

17. Leaders are made and not born. Everyone is capable of leadership.

18. A Leader changes the order of things for the better.

19. Everyone has more potential than they realize.

20. Change is like heaven. Everyone wants to go there but no one wants to die.

21. Criticism comes from people who don’t want to change.

22. Know the difference between criticism and feedback. Feedback comes from people who want you to be better.

23. Lift up character. Character is who you are when no one is looking! Character is knowing how you do things is as important as what you do.

24. We are only changed/learn when we are uncomfortable and challenged.

25. A leader has to be tough enough to say I do not know it all. They need to have empathy and humility.

26. A leader can not solve problems by themselves, they need others.

27. A leader sees possibilities. Hire people who see possibilities!! And seize possibilities when they appear.

28. People closest to the problem can solve it.

29. Our character is a choice. None of us choose our circumstances. And, we can’t change other people, however, we can choose how we respond to other people.

30. We can focus on limitations or possibilities–so choose!

31. Stop looking for it in someone else. Look within yourself.

From Daniel Pink, we learned:

32. We all start out the day in a good mood, it goes down and then up from there. It starts at a peak, troughs, and then recovers.

33. Plan your day around the stage:

  • Peak time of the day, do analytic work
  • Trough time, do the admin work
  • Recovery period, do some insight and brainstorming

From Debra Searle, we learned:

34. We all have our own oceans to cross.

35. 85 percent of success is attributed to attitude, not skill.

36. Have contagious passionate belief! Especially when surrounded by doubters.

37. Shift perspective before you can shift your attitude

38. Shift your comfort zone. You may be forced to innovate and the best ideas can come then.

39. Make your big picture BIGGER!

40. If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.

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