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September 20, 2019

The How and Why to Create a Brand Manifesto

By NOW Marketing Group
NOW Marketing Group how and why to create a brand manifesto

Have you ever created a brand manifesto?

It's different from a tagline, vision board, brand kit, mission statement, content mission statement, or a culture deck.

A brand manifesto is a mash-up of all of those things, but the focus is on something more meaningful.

Your brand manifesto is the "soul" statement of your brand.

It's your declaration to the world. It's all about what you're here to do and for whom you're here to do it. It is all about the emotional side of things, and it helps clients see an authentic narrative of who you are. With it, you can align your core message to be on your ideal target audience.

Whereas mission statements and vision boards allow your audience to understand what you do, a brand manifesto allows your audience to grasp the reason why you do it. It's authentic relating.

"A brand manifesto is creating an emotional connection to the brand. It allows your brand to be felt long before any transaction takes place." @JessikaPhillips (Click to Tweet)

It takes your "why" or "brand worth" statement and reimagines it as a story in which your customers can visualize themselves in. It helps them understand what it would be like to work with you and sets them up with the right expectations of who you are as a company.

To the right audience, our message is more meaningful than any product or service we sell or offer. When we can shift the mindset from buying to BELONGING, that's the sweet spot where we form relationships and establish loyalty.

We use a brand manifesto to:
  • Create a promise to your community, your business, and everyone who engages with your brand
  • State intentions of the company
  • Address whom we help and who would align with the business
  • Establish the tone of our brand
  • Establish how our ideal client's life would benefit from working with us
  • Explain how you make an impact in the world

It's truly the heart and soul of your business and the clients who align with you.

"When is the right time to create something like this? Now! Look at why you started your business, what your brand stands for, and then what's in it for your customer. That's the formula to break down and write your own brand manifesto." @JessikaPhillips (Click to Tweet)

So, how do you write one for yourself? First, identify your "why" statement. Why are you doing what you're doing? Then, describe your brand's purpose and how it will improve peoples' lives. Write it in second- or third-person; that way, your audience can place themselves into the story you're telling.

What you'll want to focus on:
  • Keeping it simple
  • The real people who are reading it
  • Remember, emotion doesn't have to be just words, it can be imagery

What a brand manifesto won't do

A brand manifesto won't fix a terrible product. Also, everyone on your team needs to be in on it. If the message you're sending out doesn't match the tone of your office and the spirit of your team, it's not going to be genuine to the real story of your brand.

Here is our Brand Manifesto

"In the heart of every business lies a story, a vision for the future written long before any transaction takes place.

Great businesses are focused on culture, led by their visionaries who truly get the power of relationships.

Backed by a foundation of passion, integrity and hard work.

At times it simply takes a partner that aligns with their ideals, mirroring their willingness to do the work necessary to drive their vision into reality.

Choosing to do what's right, not what's easy.

Brands are felt long before they are seen.

We're defined by relationships with the community, clients and the teams we serve.

Together we generate the ideas that get people talking and the results that keep your business growing.

We are fueled by relationships. Driven by results. And a catalyst for creativity.

Together, we are NOW Marketing Group. Your partners in digital."

Want to see some more examples of brand manifestos? Check out these examples of brand manifestos that some of the top companies have created.

Some additional suggestions

Many top brands pair their manifesto statements with graphic images to evoke certain feelings. You can also use video to share your manifesto. It certainly isn't limited to just copy. Feel free to think of other avenues by which you can share out your story.

"I didn't just buy something. I bought something that now says something about me." @JessikaPhillips (Click to Tweet)

Formulating a brand manifesto is also a great exercise to do with your team. You want the manifesto to embody the whole company, so getting their input can be crucial to elicit the right words and emotions. Don't be afraid to go back and forth a little bit. You want to get the true story that describes your why, the what, and the who of your business. Hashing it out with your team can make sure all of these things come together to form the perfect brand manifesto.

Have you written a brand manifesto? Please share it with us! We'd love to see it.

Need a little help determining your mission and the vision behind it? We'd love to help. It's seriously the jelly to our peanut butter sandwich. Get ahold of us at 877-380-6698.

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