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August 30, 2019

30 Women in Digital You Should Be Following

By Jessika Phillips
NOW Marketing Group 30 women in digital you should be following

If you’re not following these amazing women, well then, frankly, you’re missing out!

Running a woman-owned online marketing agency, I am always looking for new ways to up my game for my team and clients. I love following and interacting with other kick-butt ladies online as they inspire me to be more, love more and give more daily. I wanted to take a moment and recognize them for everything they do as badass entrepreneurs and business owners, as well as share this list with you in hopes that they'll encourage you as well. 

The following 30 women are leaders I am proud to know and call many friends. They are passionate, knowledgeable, heart-centered visionary women who are masters in their industries! Not to mention, they are impactful to follow. Check them out—learn from them, celebrate them, and see what they’re doing with their business that may inspire you. Each one has something unique and special they share with their audiences.

So without further ado, I introduce to you some of my favorite women to follow and why, in no particular order.

—Jessika Phillips, President of NOW Marketing Group

Viveka von Rosen1. Viveka von Rosen

Company Name: Vengreso



What She's Known For: Von Rosen is known for everything LinkedIn. Marketing with LinkedIn. #SocialSelling with LinkedIn. LinkedIn Video. Writing about LinkedIn. Speaking about LinkedIn. If her career were a buffet there would be one dish on it—LinkedIn! It might be boring, but she does it well.

The Quote She's Known For:

“How did I become the #LinkedInExpert? I got the Social handle and then spent the rest of my career proving it was true!” @linkedinexpert (Click to Tweet)

Social Links:






Why I adore Viveka: Viveka is a superstar digital marketer and sought after public speaker. One of my favorite things about Viveka is that she’s one of the most humble, grounded and real people you’ll meet. She is lightyears ahead of most others on Linkedin and willingly shares her knowledge, humor and bright smile with her community.

Tiffany Lanier

2. Tiffany Lanier

Company Name: LPLC 360 Co.

Website: Livewithtiffany.com

What She's Known For: Clarity and Conscious Creation. Tiffany helps entrepreneurial leaders get clear and aligned with who they are, what they stand for, and what matters so they show up in the world (and their work) more conscious and as their fullest, most whole, authentic self.


The Quote She's Known For:

“We have a responsibility to humanity and the planet to connect, grow, and become the best version of ourselves.” @livewithtiffany (Click to Tweet)

Social Links:





Why I adore Tiffany: Tiffany spreads love and light to everyone who comes in contact with her and it's a huge reason people adore her everywhere. She shares content that every business leader should be listening to if they truly want to make an impact in this world. She breaks down how you can tap into the real and authentic side that people want to know and how to get your message out clearly and effectively.

Mari Smith

3. Mari Smith

Company Name: Mari Smith International, Inc.

Website: Marismith.com

What She's Known For: Often referred to as the 'Queen of Facebook,' Mari Smith is known around the world as the Premier Facebook Marketing Expert. Forbes magazine says, "Even Facebook asks for her help!" Mari is an in-demand keynote speaker, top strategist and consultant for SMBs and major brands. Facebook headhunted and hired Mari to go on tour with the company and teach businesses throughout the US. She is currently working with Facebook on a new Blueprint certification program.

The Quote She's Known For:

"Content is King, but engagement is Queen and she rules the house." @MariSmith (Click to Tweet)

Social Links:





Why I adore Mari: Mari was the first person I followed and learned from online when I started diving into social media marketing and I am forever grateful to her. She has been teaching brands the right way to do social media for over 10 years! Giving of her time as well as creating courses for brands to build relationships on Facebook, Mari is one of the kindest, positive and brilliant people you will ever meet. I am super thankful to call her a friend.

Chelsea Krost

4. Chelsea Krost

Company Name: Chelsea Productions LLC

Website: https://chelseakrost.com/ 

What She's Known For: Chelsea is a Millennial Expert & Marketing Strategist, Global Speaker, LinkedIn Instructor, Host of #Millennialtalk Twitter Chat 👩🏻‍💻



The Quote She's Known For:

“Changing the Millennial stereotype from entitled to entrepreneurial!” @ChelseaKrost (Click to Tweet)

Social Links:





Why I adore Chelsea: Not only does she run a successful business, speaking career, and online tribe, she has a nose for trends and up-and-comers that she features on her tweet chat #Millenialtalk. If you’re looking at what's to come in online marketing and who’s sharing relevant tactics that speak to future generations, Chelsea is your lady!

Madalyn Sklar

5. Madalyn Sklar

Company Name: Madalyn Sklar

Website: https://madalynsklar.com

What She's Known For: Madalyn is a serial entrepreneur, community builder and leading Twitter marketing expert. With 23 years of digital marketing experience and 14 years of social media marketing under her belt, it’s no surprise she’s ranked the #1 Social Media Power Influencer in Houston.

The Quote She's Known For:

“My Best Twitter Tips:

📣 Be consistent

📣 Tweet every day

📣 Go through notifications daily and respond

📣 Use Twitter lists


📣 Participate in Twitter chats like #TwitterSmarter

📣 Engage. Engage. Engage.” @madalynsklar (Click to Tweet)

Social Links:





Why I adore Madalyn: Madalyn builds communities like a boss! She is a great teacher and a cheerleader for others. Madalyn is someone who practices what she preaches. She’s consistent, she uses social media to build relationships and she focuses on serving versus selling to earn trust online. Madalyn is one of the most giving people I know. If you want to know how to rock your Twitter game, watch the master in action.

Ai Addyson Zhang

6. Ai Addyson Zhang

Company Name: Classroom without Walls

Website: https://www.aiaddysonzhang.com/

What She's Known For: Addyson Zhang builds bridges between academia and the industry, leveraging social media and creative technologies to transform education.


The Quote She's Known For:

“Classroom Without Walls is reimagining education and learning into a real-life, holistic, failure-friendly, and project- and problem-driven environment.” @aiaddysonzhang (Click to Tweet)

Social Links:






Why I adore Ai: Ai is one of the most welcoming, caring, genuine and smartest women I know. She goes out of her way to show up to serve her community and show others gratitude. I’ve never heard Ai complain or say a negative thing even when she’d have every right to. Ai is someone I know without a doubt will be sought out by big industries for her insight on education. She’s already changing the world of education as we speak.

Judi Fox7. Judi Fox

Company Name: Judi Fox Consulting

Website: https://www.judifox.com/

What She's Known For: Judi is known for building business authority online with LinkedIn and video. Her superpower is positioning clients online as an authority, building highly-engaged audiences, getting more online clients and inbound opportunities.

The Quote She's Known For:

“Your highest priority is to focus on 'Progress over Perfection' and always 'Take Massive Intuitive Action' and you will achieve your goals.” @Judi_Fox (Click to Tweet)

Social Links:






Why I adore Judi: Judi not only has the greatest laugh on the planet but she’s someone who spreads joy and light everywhere she goes both online and off. Judi is wicked smart when it comes to how to leverage the right conversations and connections on the right platforms.

Stephanie Liu8. Stephanie Liu

Company Name: Lights, Camera, Live®

Website: https://lightscameralive.com

What She's Known For: Helping clients go from unknown to unforgettable with live video.




The Quote She's Known For:

“It's not about one live video, it's about creating a show that absolutely captivates and mesmerizes an audience. So when you go live, everyone is on the edge of their seats.” @heystephanie (Click to Tweet)

Social Links:





Why I adore Stephanie: Stephanie is one of the most fun women in digital marketing, When you’re watching her on live video you feel like you’re hanging out with a friend over dinner. Plus, she’s super into knowing the best spots for food and always down to network over some Korean Barbecue. If you want to know how to rock live video and the best tools to make you stand out- you need to connect with Stephanie!

Bella Vasta9. Bella Vasta

Company Name: Jump Consulting




What She's Known For: Bella is known as an expert on growing Facebook Groups and growing pet-related businesses.

The Quote She's Known For:

“Be the destination, not a drive by.” @Bellas_Pets (Click to Tweet)

Social Links:






Why I adore Bella: Bella is one of the most determined people I know. When she puts her mind to a goal it becomes a reality and fast! Not only is she an amazing friend (and one of the queenies) she’s a rocking successful businesswoman, an amazing momma, and a phenomenal public speaker. Bella can pump you up in a matter of minutes and push you outside your comfort zone where you will find success. AKA the #BellaButtKickin

Jenn Herman

10. Jenn Herman

Company Name: Jenn’s Trends

Website: http://jennstrends.com

What She's Known For: Jenn is a globally recognized Instagram expert.




The Quote She's Known For:

"Instagram is NOT the same as Facebook!" @jenns_trends (Click to Tweet)

“Instagram is much more than just pretty pictures” @jenns_trends (Click to Tweet)

Social Links:




Why I adore her: Jenn is “the real deal” in all aspects of her life. First off, she’s one of the most thoughtful and intuitive friends you’ll ever meet! Her social handle may be JennsTrends but she’s not one to follow just any trend. She does the research first and isn’t afraid to share the real (even if unpopular) truth online with her community. She’s the definition of a strong woman- rocking out motherhood, speaking, business, side hustles and friendships all while wearing sparkly heels.

Mia Voss11. Mia Voss

Company Name: Mia On The Go

Website: miaonthego.com

What She's Known For: Mia is a brand ambassador and travel/lifestyle blogger.

The Quote She's Known For:

“Women make over 85% of overall buying decisions yet female buying power is highly under-rated!” @MiaVossOnTheGo (Click to Tweet)

Social Links:





Why I adore Mia: OMG—where do I start? Mia is a great example of being a great human in business! She is a woman of integrity and hard work. She’s a successful influencer because she’s real and people trust her! She has her finger on the pulse of what matters to women and how brands should be communicating with women. Mia attracts the right people together in what seems to be an effortless way.

Rebekah Radice12. Rebekah Radice

Company Name: Rebekah Radice, Inc. / Radical Enterprises

Website: Rebekahradice.com

What She's Known For: Rebekah helps everyone from entrepreneurs to enterprises improve social media engagement, generate quality leads, and turn conversations into conversions.



The Quote She's Known For:

“If you take a sincere interest in others, they’ll take a real interest in you. Build relationships, don’t collect them.” @RebekahRadice (Click to Tweet)

Social Links:






Why I adore Rebekah: Rebekah is one of the coolest women online. She is highly respected because she not only has a voice worth a million bucks but her social media sales tactics are too! When you connect with Rebekah you learn right away how genuine she is about building relationships.

Cathy Hackl13. Cathy Hackl

Company Name: Magic Leap




What She's Known For: Being one of the top women working in the augmented reality and virtual reality industry. Cathy is also known as a speaker on emerging tech, she's an author and futurist.

The Quote She's Known For:

“Content is expanding beyond content that is 2D, to content that is 3D, Volumetric, Augmented and Spatial.” @CathyHackl (Click to Tweet)

Social Links:






Why I adore Cathy: Cathy has not only inspired me to embrace AR/VR, she is leading the charge online showing communities why they can’t ignore this immersive technology. She shares practical ways brands are using it today and will in the future. Her passion, enthusiasm and overall wealth of information has helped thousands of brands prepare for the future.

Jaime Cohen14. Jaime Cohen

Company Name: The Right Words

Website: https://usetherightwords.com

What you’re known for: Jaime helps leaders with thoughts become thought leaders. She teaches individuals and organizations to tell better stories, build stronger relationships, create supportive communities, and feel confident on video. Her communication method, #TheRightWords, provides a framework for meeting goals both interpersonal and financial.

The Quote She's Known For:

“Your relationships are your foundation; your words are your superpower.” @Jaimbalaya (Click to Tweet)

Social Links:





Why I adore Jaime: Jaime is a master at using video to build community. She thoughtfully features others in an effort to connect the right people together. Jaime “gets” Relationship Marketing and is helping brands understand how to use social to be more relatable.

Brooke B. Sellas15. Brooke B. Sellas

Company Name: B Squared Media

Website: bsquared.media

What She's Known For: Brooke is known for her done-for-you social media management, customer care, and advertising services.

The Quote She's Known For:

“Think conversation, not campaign!” @brookesellas (Click to Tweet)

Social Links:





Why I adore Brooke: Brooke is one of those rare people that you’ll meet and feel like you’ve known for years and immediately want to be best friends with. She makes doing business fun! She’ll keep you laughing all while rocking out results online!

Jen Cole

16. Jen Cole

What She's Known For: Jen is known for fostering communities via social channels. She shares with others how being present on these channels and spending time engaging in real-time with your audience, with strengthen your connection with them.

Company Name: GetXStand

Website: Etsy Shop


Social Links:





Why I adore Jen: It’s impossible not to have a smile on your face when you’re around Jen! She’s super sweet, super smart and one heck of a social media marketer. She shares content that’s fun but has a bigger message at the end of the day on what social media is all about- community. Jen is also part of the eight queenies!

17. Kelly Noble-Mirabella 

Kelly Noble Mirabella

Company Name: Stellar Media Marketing and Baby Got Bot

Website: StellarMediaMarketing.com

What She's Known For: Kelly is known for her knowledge of Messenger Marketing... her 80’s themed YouTube videos educate followers about how to make the most of the Messenger platform and how to use it thoughtfully within your marketing strategy.

The Quote She's Known For:

“The numbers don’t matter if the people don’t care.” @Stellar247 (Click to Tweet)

Social Links:






Why I adore Kelly: Kelly is in touch with where digital marketing is going. She’s a leader and a teacher and makes sure brands know how to embrace the changes coming the right way. Kelly is a dynamite speaker and one of the eight queenies who I consider a close friend!

Kendra Ramirez18. Kendra Ramirez

Company Name: The Reset Co and Kendra Ramirez Digital Agency

Website: thereset.co

What She's Known For: Kendra is leading a digital agency marketer focused on real results for small businesses and empowering others to step into their full selves.



The Quote She's Known For:

“Live, learn and pass it on.” @KendraRamirez (Click to Tweet)

Social Links:





Why I adore Kendra: I’m pretty sure everyone loves Kendra because she is so genuine, down to earth and super kind. Kendra understands how to take what’s happening in online marketing and apply it to brands in a way they’ll understand and be able to execute. She’s leading a movement to help others step into their highest wellbeing and it’s super inspiring.

Amelia Tran19. Amelia Tran

Company Name: MediaCom

What She's Known For: Amelia is known for her intrapreneurship within startup and global agencies. She specializes in social media marketing with both organic and paid strategies for Fortune 100 brands. She is your source for networking with digital marketers and entrepreneurs in the East Coast.

The quote she's known for:

“You want to be the brand that is ahead of the curve in testing the latest and greatest Facebook, Instagram or Twitter has to offer. Be the ad you want to see.” @AmeliaTran (Click to Tweet)

Social Links:




Why I adore Amelia: Amelia is a someone who is super open to connecting with new people and makes you feel like you’ve known her for years. Amelia is brilliant at future-casting what’s to come in digital marketing and helps her clients get there first!

Kathy Klotz-Guest20. Kathy Klotz-Guest

Company Name: Keeping it Human

Website: https://www.keepingithuman.com

What She's Known For: Kathy is known for using improv and comedy to power more human and creative marketing, storytelling, and work!

The Quote She's Known For:

“Never, ever judge your story; that’s what your family is for.” @KathyKlotzGuest (Click to Tweet)

“Stories create oxytocin. Be an oxytocin dealer in your marketing!” @KathyKlotzGuest (Click to Tweet)

“Improv is circuit training for your brain. Spandex not included. You’d rock it, anyway.” @KathyKlotzGuest (Click to Tweet)

Social Links:





Why adore Kathy: Kathy is super funny and makes learning about marketing fun! She is super creative and knows how to draw in her audience through storytelling. I also love that she speaks truthfully and is shining a light on women’s rights, especially as it relates to fair and equal treatment in the speaking community!

Julie Riley21. Julie Riley

Company Name: Streamyard

Website: www.streamyard.com

What She's Known For: Julie is known for her role as the Social Media Manager at Streamyard. 




The Quote She's Known For:

“Don’t throw crap on your business page and hope it sticks.” @SocialJewelsICT (Click to Tweet)

Social Links:




Why I adore Julie: Julie has a community-first approach to marketing and has made a big impact in her hometown by highlighting its members. Julie is down to earth and relatable which makes others want to learn from her, build relationships with her and ultimately work with her! Julie is someone you want to have in your circle and I’m fortunate to call her a friend! She is also one of the eight queenies.

Louisa Garrett22. Louisa Garrett

Company Name: #MakeKindLoud

Website: makekindloud.com

What She's Known For: Spreading as much love, joy, and kindness as possible.

The Quote She's Known For:

“You have the power to choose how you’re going to respond and how you’re going to react in every single situation.”

“You are enough. Period.” @makekindloud (Click to Tweet)

Social Links:





Why I adore Louisa: Louisa is literally spreading kindness to the world through her content! When you watch her it makes you want to be a better person, not to mention, it’s impossible to have a bad day after hearing her messages. The world needs many more Louisa’s in it!

Savannah Peterson23. Savannah Peterson

What She's Known For: Savannah is making the future less scary, dispelling technology myths, and building communities around new products.

Company Name: Savvy Millennial





Social Links:





Why I adore Savannah: Savannah is one of those people you meet that you know instantly she’s got that “it” factor. She comes up with brilliant ideas to get people talking and grow awareness around brands, all while making it look effortless.

24. Vicki Hainault Fitch

Vicki Fitch

Company Name: Vicki Fitch Enterprises

Website: www.VickiFitch.com

What She's Known For: Vicki is a Direct Sales Expert, Serial Entrepreneur, and author of the #12Books12Months series that helps people to become the best version of themselves. She is also the creator of the #YouAreEnough Global Initiative, helping people to recognize their internal value and to live by the motto #YouAreEnough… just the way you are.

The Quote She's Known For:

“Don’t accept unacceptable behavior… even from yourself.” @Vicki_Fitch (Click to Tweet)

Social Links:







Why I adore Vicki: Vicki gives a no-fluff approach to what brands need to know to grow their business. I love her style and the way she makes all of her content feel like a conversation. Vicki is an encourager, coach, teacher, and leader helping brands discover the best version of themselves.

Holly Chessman

25. Holly Chessman

Company Name: Holly Chessman Marketing

Website: http://www.askholly.net

What She's Known For: A seasoned marketer, writer, and speaker, Holly enables clients to achieve business goals through exceptional strategy, branding, content, and social media management solutions.


She provides:

• Tools and teachings to enable quick growth
• Programs that achieve measurable success
• Knowledge that helps clients stay on the cutting edge of  the digital world

The Quote She's Known For:

"I live, sleep, and breath collaborative development of growth strategies, whether for individuals or businesses. When we support each other, we all rise up together." @HollyChessman (Click to Tweet)

Social Links:




Why I adore Holly: Holly tweets so fast I’m pretty sure she’s tweeting with her mind. Holly is seriously pro-level when it comes to building community and knowing the right content to keep a tribe engaged.

26. Lisa Loeffler

Lisa Loeffler

Company Name: Influencers Management Group

Website: http://influencersmanagement.com

What She's Known For: Lisa is known for her brand growth and content marketing.

The Quote She's Known For:

“Treat every person you meet like the most important person you’ve met in your life. People can sense if you’re treating them like a transaction or someone you’re genuinely interested in. While technologies will continue to change over time, the power of relationships is absolute.” @lisamloeffler (Click to Tweet)

Social Links:





Why I adore Lisa: Lisa really does live up to her reputation in her personal and business life. She treats everyone she meets like they are the most important person in the room. She’s a great listener which makes her an amazing storyteller and content writer.

Christine Gritmon27. Christine Gritmon

Company Name: Christine Gritmon Inc.

Website: http://christine.gritmon.com

What She's Known For: Christine is known for helping overwhelmed small business owners demystify social media.

The Quote She's Known For:

“Yes, you CAN do your own social media! Nobody else can tell your story the way that you can.” @cgritmon (Click to Tweet)

Social Links:






Why I adore Christine: Christine is the cheerleader every business needs. She takes time to learn the very best tactics and tools to help brands rock their social media. Christine’s bubbly personality shines through online and in person.

Kate Volman

28. Kate Volman

Company Name: Kate Volmam, CEO of Floyd Consulting






What She's Known For: Kate is a positive collaborator and dynamic speaker who helps people and teams grow.

The Quote She's Known For:

“How would your life be different if you gave yourself permission to pursue your ideas and do more of what you love?” @katevolman (Click to Tweet)

Social Links:





Why I adore Kate: Kate is a woman who inspires others to follow what lights them up. She uses live video to shine the light on individuals who will inspire others to reach for their next level best. Kate is someone that makes everyone around her feel like a superstar.

29. Jennifer Watson

Screen Shot 2019-09-01 at 7.02.51 PM

Name: Jennifer Watson
Company: Agorapulse - Social Media Manager, Former - The Weather Channel
The Quote She's Known For:
Social Links
Twitter: @JWatson_Wx
FB: WeatherMoms
IG: @jenniferweather 
Why I adore Jen: Jen is the nicest and most humble person I’ve ever met. She makes whomever she’s speaking with feel like the most important person in the room. When she takes the stage or in LIVE Video people listen because they can relate to her. Jen is the full package of marketing smarts, business experience, genuine personality and work ethic. She’s a fellow Queenie and every time I get to hang out with her I adore her more!



30. Amanda RobinsonAmanda Robinson Headshot

Company Name: The Digital Gal

What She's Known for: 
Amanda is known as a Facebook ads expert and for her teaching skills in helping business owners and entrepreneurs learn how to do their own Facebook Advertising, implement their own strategies, and make their marketing spend more efficient.  She is also a digital nomad and has traveled coast to coast in Canada and the United States with her trusty sidekick @canadasmalldog

The Quote She's Known For:

Social Links:
Why I adore Amanda: Amanda is a fellow techy and Queenie. She isn’t afraid to take risks and stand for what she believes in. She is known for being a digital nomad with her dog, “Small Dog”. Amanda understands how to use  Storytelling throughout her journeys traveling to build her relationships from online to offline. All while running online communities to help others grow their Facebook Ad Skills. 

There you have it, the 30 women I love to follow on social media. There are many more I need to add but this is my first list! They've inspired me over the years to do be a better woman. Did we miss anyone? Let us know the women in digital you love following online! 

Screen Shot 2019-08-30 at 10.55.52 AM

Running a business is hard work and it takes having the right circle of influence to truly help you grow. I am honored I get to work in an industry with amazing women like this everyday. They help me live out my personal mission " To inspire brands to love more, give more and be more through the art of authentic relating" 

I like teaching on relationship marketing but I love living it even more!  


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