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February 26, 2019

Find Your Tiara: How to Stand Out Amongst the Crowd and Get Your Brand Noticed

By NOW Marketing Group

If you’ve been on a journey to build your brand and stand out amongst the crowd, well, it’s time for you to grab your tiara and place it on your head!

“Wait, what?” you might be asking. Let’s back up a bit.

It can be incredibly frustrating to put content (and yourself) out there and not receive much (if any) response. The digital world has a lot of content. It can feel like your content is a needle in a haystack. But it’s not impossible for your little needle to be found by those looking. It all starts with you being authentically you and boldly true to who you are.

You’ve got to stand out and let your true self shine! That’s how the #FindYourTiara hashtag was conceived.

It all started at the #SevenQueens getaway in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona. Bella Vasta, Kelly Noble Mirabella, Jenn Herman, Amanda Robinson, Jennifer Ast, Mia Voss, and our own Jessika Phillips all gathered together in a beautiful house, put on some tiaras, and spent the weekend collaborating and tackling some sweet social strategy together. That was months ago!

The tiaras were for fun. They were cute. And, most importantly, they embodied the spirit of the group! A bad-a** group of beautiful ladies who aren’t afraid to let their inner diva out.


Unfortunately, after the first #Queenies broadcast, comments were made about the tiaras and how some people found them unprofessional.

While the tiaras are mostly just for fun, they do actually mean something to the Queens now. They stand for not being afraid to do what feels right and for owning what you believe in. While a couple of people were turned off, many more "got it" and celebrated with us. That inspired the next get-together. And the #FindYourTiara movement.

So, the gang got back together in February 2019 to once again put on some tiaras and collaborate together. This time, the eight queenies were able to make it to Denver, Colorado to spend the weekend together. Let's introduce the♛queenies, shall we?! {insert the visualization of the royal♛music and red carpet here}

Amanda Robinson from the The Digital GalBella Vasta from JUMP Consulting and Pet Business CoachingJenn Herman from Jenn's Trends in Social MediaJessika Phillips from NOW Marketing GroupJulie Riley & Jen Cole from Depict MediaJennifer Watson from Weather MomsKelly Noble Mirabella from Stellar Media Marketing

While they were together, all the queens went live on Facebook to share their tips and tricks for finding your own tiara and standing out in a crazy noisy world. Catch the edited video above and read our takeaways below!

digital divas live stream

Find your niche and focus on it

You’ll never get anywhere trying to focus on everything. You have to narrow down your true focus and then place priority on that. What do you want to be known for? What is it you truly want to do? Find your “Tiara” and wear it better than anyone else.

Next, pick a social media platform that resonates with your community and be loyal to it. This isn’t to say you can’t have multiple platforms, but you should choose one that will be your main focus. Say you want to be an educational resource in your industry. You can use YouTube as the hub for the majority of your content, post all your videos there, and build that platform. All others are supplemental and can serve to share out your message.

“Pick the thing you want to do, and make that a long-term thing until your brand is really strong, and then you can go and explore, stretching out in other places.” @Stellar247 (Click to Tweet)

The most important thing is maintaining consistency and quality. With consistency and quality, you can build a following. By focusing on your specific interests, you attract the people who are more likely to want to hear from you.

“You have to say, ‘Are we better this month than last month, this year than last year?’ That’s the only thing I want you to measure your success against.” @Bellas_Pets (Click to Tweet)

Know who you are trying to “lead” and who you want to follow you

Your ultimate goal is to be a leader in your industry. But in order to do that, you have to know who you’re trying to lead. Who is your ideal audience and what are their hopes, dreams, and the things that hurt them? The more you know who it is you’re trying to lead, the better you can serve them the things they are looking for.

“It’s just like any other normal relationship you’re going to be in, human to human. The cool thing is it ties us all together. Make it an experience, make it an exclusive thing. It’s just so powerful.” @jencoleICT (Click to Tweet)

Always be kind and follow up with people. Part of being a leader is building real connections with others, and there is no other way to do that than by talking to people!

“Who are you trying to lead and who are you trying to stand out for? Everyone calls themselves a leader, but really who is following you? So take action on how you want to show up in the world and keep showing up to become known.” @JessikaPhillips (Click to Tweet)

You can also find other people who share your vision and collaborate with them. Collaboration is key! Not only will you build relationships with others within your industry, you will have a similar audience and together can expand your reach. Plus, let’s face it, all of you bring different ideas and skills to your audience, which equals more value to your network. More Value + Exposure + Reach = Everyone Wins!

Don’t forget, who you are online is exactly who you should be in person. Own your tiara. You know your people will get you!

Fight the imposter syndrome

One thing you should never, ever do is compare yourself to other people. You are not them! And you bring different and unique skills to the industry. Own. That!

“Stop comparing yourself to anyone else. You have to step back and go, no, because I can do this differently. I can do this in my own way. I have to build my own path and my own direction.” @SocialJewelsICT (Click to Tweet)

You are valuable, your ideas are valuable, and you deserve to be in the space you’re in. There is enough space for everyone. You stand out because you are different.

To grow your skills, find people who are more experienced than you. Find people who you admire. Follow them, learn from them, and connect with them to enhance what you’re doing.

“I stand out by being authentically me. I recently rebranded into the Digital Gal because I didn’t want to get typecast. I’m choosing to do things differently, but I’m doing it because it makes sense to me.” @thedigitalgal (Click to Tweet)

And on the other end of the spectrum, find people who aren't doing a good job and learn from their mistakes. What are they doing poorly or wrong that you can avoid doing?

Humanizing the brand

Are you struggling to #FindYourTiara? Start by humanizing your brand.

“Look at who you are, what makes you happy, what’s that passion point and tie that into your brand. Your Tribe will follow that.” @jenns_trends (Click to Tweet)

Reflect on:

  • What you stand for and why
  • How you can show you care

Being you is the best way to gain a crowd. Sure, you might attract some haters. But, the vast majority of those who follow you will do so because they identify with you and want to connect with you. Embrace who you are!

Still struggling to know what sets you apart? Ask your friends. They know you well (maybe the best) and can provide insight into what makes you different than anyone else.

Consider these things as well:

  • What do you get excited to talk about?
  • What makes you passionate?
  • What unique things are you interested in?

There is only one you on this earth, so own your interests and don’t be afraid to share them.

Our best tip for humanizing your brand? Speak with your audience directly. AKA live video.

“Live video is my thing. It allows you to be relatable, it allows you to build trust.” @JWatson_WX (Click to Tweet)

Don’t be scared! Live video may seem intimidating, but it is such a crazy awesome way to reach your audience and allow them to speak directly to you. It’s great for any size business. It’s much rawer than other forms of communication. It allows you to be vulnerable (to be vulnerable is to be human), and it allows you to share your message more authentically. You can share the journey you are going through, both the good and the bad, which helps your audience empathize with you.


We want to know, what’s your tiara?! Have you found the thing that gets you pumped to go to work every morning? Let us know what it is that helps you stand out in a noisy world. Share your message with the #FindYourTiara hashtag!

We also want to say a very special THANK YOU to the companies who sponsored the #FindYourTiara getaway. We are so grateful for you and appreciate that you understand the message our eight Queens are trying to send out into the digital space.

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