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August 5, 2014

3 Essential Components to Creating Quality Content for your Website

By Jenelle Acheson

What does “Quality Content” for your Website really mean?

If you have ever went through the process of creating or updating a website you have probably been asked about your content more than a few times. More specifically, you have probably heard the term “quality content”. The pressure of what to say on your website can be overwhelming, but then you throw words like “quality” in, you automatically begin to panic…”is what I’m saying really ‘quality’, how do I know?”

Let me begin by breaking down a few things for you.

What exactly is content? Content is the written word and media on your website. So that includes text, images, videos, case studies, guides and other media.

So with that in mind, now we can go into a few ways to create “quality content” to target and attract the right audience. Creating content of quality doesn’t have to overwhelm you and take all of your time and energy, but it should be a priority if you want a successful website.

What does it take to write quality content? Here are three essential components to ensure your content is viewed as high quality.

1. What if I told you, you can create content that can be used over and over again, all while maintaining its value for the long haul? Well you can, and it’s called Evergreen Content. Evergreen refers to content that is informational and a long-lasting recourse for your audience.  Some examples of this style of content would be How to Guides, Case Studies, Industry Terms/Phrases Defined, and Frequently Asked Questions. These pieces of content can be created to stand the test of time, just don’t forget to make updates as needed to keep the content valuable. Evergreen content builds lasting readership by providing content your audience can and will benefit from reading multiple times. In turn, it will mean that your content is information people want to share over and over again because it never gets old or goes out of style.

2. Are you answering some of the main questions you get asked about your business or industry? People typically have questions, lots of them, and when they go online they want answers to those questions. If you’re not sure what questions your audience might have, do some research. In fact, do some research even if you think you know what those questions are, trust me, it won’t hurt. Ask your friends, family, social networks and employees what questions they get asked most or questions they may have or have had about the business or industry. Then answer those questions. It’s as simple as that. If you provided answers to your audience’s questions, not only will you educate them but you’ll establish yourself as a resource which will keep them coming back to your site. Just remember, they have questions for a reason, keep your answers simple, conversational and easy for your audience to read and understand.

3. What do you have to offer your audience that your competitor doesn’t? Remember, you are the expert and it’s time to standout from the crowd. Do you know what others in your industry are saying? Research what your competitors are saying or better yet, what they’re not saying, and say it in your content. People want to learn, especially something new, so why not learn it from you.
If you use these key components when working on your content you should be well on your way to creating quality content your audience will love. Content isn’t just the pages of your website, it’s blogs, e-newsletters, posts and tweets. Check out this great blog article by NOW on Rules for Creating Dynamic Content Out of Thin Air.

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