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October 11, 2013

Does Price Really Matter Anyway?

By Jessika Phillips

The last several years’ economy has brought a bevy of new trends when it comes to saving a buck. Getting what you can for the least amount of overhead. Some have been great, others… a little questionable. This makes me pose the question, in a “bottom-line” focused environment, “Does Price Really Matter in sales?”

We’ve all heard the same song and dance when it comes to sales pitches. Businesses are trying to create urgency by using flashy buzz words like “limited time only.” But does the price really matter? Sure, in some instances it does. However, sometimes the adage – you get what you pay for – really takes top billing when making a purchase for your business.


These “Urgent Merchants” are more concerned with getting your credit card number than reaching out and serving their customers. More often than not a customer is looking for a good experience than being pressured to reach for their wallet. This fast pitched sales approach is a sure-fire way to strike out with most consumers.


A product, service line, vendor, may offer you the most competitive bid or lowest price, but what really is the cost? When it comes down to it, are you compromising customer service, quality and peace of mind for what appears to be a “good deal?” I can’t even tell you how many times we’ve made a purchasing decision and quickly realized it was the wrong choice because as soon as there was a glitch or question, customer service was either non-existent or I needed to “upgrade” my purchase. I’m not telling you to never consider the cheaper of the options presented, but do some digging. Find out what you are REALLY getting for that price. In the long run, it may cost you MORE to fix what the cheapest option couldn’t provide.



Offering sales, discounts and promotional pricing is definitely not a bad thing. When you are offering a sale or discount, consider all aspects. What am I really offering? Am I going to provide the same quality of product that I’m proud of? Can I put my seal of approval on the customer service provided or am I in a race to the bottom? You do not want to be the loss merchant. Be sure you aren’t pressuring your clients or customers into make a decision - if it’s a now or never decision, you aren’t building relationships with your consumers. You aren’t giving them a reason to stay loyal to your business. Sometimes being pushy can come across as being dishonest and will get you a goodbye instead of a good buy. Take it from me, excellent problem solving will win a customer, something an excellent price couldn’t do alone.


After total dissatisfaction with an “Urgent Merchant” myself, I browsed online for another option. I ran across one whose look and feel wasn’t quite as nice as the “UM” but I still decided to give them a call. How’d they do… night and day is a total understatement! I was on high alert and instead of dodging wild sales pitches left and right I was in awe. They took the time to get to the heart of why I was calling, address each need one after the other. I was so blown away that they personally addressed each issue that price no longer became the determining factor. They had succeeded in making my sense of urgency to buy greater than their urgency to sell. You can decide for yourself which company I used. Not because they were able to beat their competitor’s price – actually, they were substantially higher – but their service was worth the extra expense. By the time price came into the conversation, I had already fallen in love – so price DIDN’T matter.

We want to hear your story.. how much does price play in your buying decision? Do you look at price first or chose based on brand, quality or customer service?


NOW Marketing has and will forever be client oriented. We are positive the services we deliver sell themselves. There is no time to win your business with empty sales jargon because we’re too focused on solving your issues. Our free inbound marketing guide is a tool that our competitors often charge a hefty fee to use. We will introduce you to our team members (not a sales team) who tailor fit our services to your needs. We are students of the principles of Relationship Inbound Marketing.


Our blog goes into detail about our “serving vs. selling,” way of business. If the price is the greatest feature about the product, then you have to wonder… what all the hype is hiding!


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