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April 17, 2015

Content, Context, and Connections: Essentials to Effective Inbound Marketing

By NOW Marketing Group

Looking to engage with your buyers? Think Inbound Marketing!

The Internet has brought people closer than ever, which means all of us are only a few clicks away from being noticed. It’s a massively helpful tool to help a company get noticed and get their brand out there for all the public to see. Inbound marketing has changed the game even more from an industry perspective. Marketing used to be all bells and whistles, producing so much noise and clutter that it became hard for companies to really stand out to consumers. Now, by marrying the power of the Internet with inbound strategies, your marketing campaigns can truly stand out and gain a foothold on a grand scale.

Great Content

The biggest thing to creating an effective inbound marketing campaign is the quality of content you create for your customers to browse. Content can be anything from web pages, to blog articles, to eBooks, to whitepapers. The key is your content needs to be remarkable! What you put out there needs to be helpful, engaging, and situated in the appropriate stage of the buyer’s journey. Remarkable content will answer questions consumers have while easing the reservations your buyers may have with regard to the product/service they are looking to buy.

Transparency is also key, don’t be afraid to be straight-up honest with your buyer. Transparent content builds trust in that relationship you are looking to build with your ideal buyer. That outstanding relationship you build with your buyer will no doubt lead to more leads through word-of-mouth recommendations, and that is the most effective form of marketing by far.

The Buyer’s Journey

Now that you have the content ready to go, you need to know your buyer’s stage in the buyer’s journey. Content can be remarkable and great, but if not placed properly in the right stage of the buyer’s journey it can tune your buyer out in a snap! The context in which the content is displayed really matters! Getting a feel for the behavior and pain points for your buyer is key to knowing where they are in the buyer’s journey. The stages in the buyer’s journey are: The awareness stage, the consideration stage, and the decision stage. Each stage requires the right content to help move your buyer along the path.

Don’t forget to connect with your buyers by using social media! Social media is a great way to connect and raise awareness for your specific brand. Connecting through social media is another way to help move your buyers through the buyer’s journey, which can turn them into future customers.

Inbound marketing has a different philosophy than traditional marketing, but if used effectively it can be more productive and efficient with your time and money. The ever-growing Internet helps drive inbound marketing and will continue to do so.

“With great power, comes great responsibility,” is probably a phrase you have heard over and over, but it’s true! Inbound marketing is a powerful tool, so use it right and you will reap all the benefits.

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