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March 19, 2014

Struggling with content? Find it somewhere else!

By NOW Marketing Group

NOTE: This blog is the second in a series by NOW Marketing Group, Inc. on how to create and evaluate social media content for your business or a client’s business.


Are you twiddling your thumbs trying to come up with content ideas? We can almost see you there, staring at your computer, pulling out your hair, so stressed out you’re about to pull out your teeth. Well, don’t do that. We’re here to help make your life a whole lot easier. Follow our four steps to use other social media platforms to get content… and then maybe go see a doctor (seriously, just relax a little).

Buyer Persona

We can’t begin to develop captivating posts without knowing to whom we’re marketing.  After you have an A-Z grasp on your ideal buyer, from their demographic information to their pain points, we’re ready to begin!

Let’s set the scene, if we’re creating posts for a wedding venue or boutique, our 25-40ish-year-old woman buyer isn’t spending her time on YouTube watching arm wrestling videos, she’s pinning her dream wedding from “THE dress” to the color scheme details and following the latest fashionista’s on Twitter to see who wore what.

By knowing where your followers are spending their free time and what truly interests them, we are creating a game plan, through pulling relevant content from these popular platforms and then putting our unique spin on these potential posts.  Soon enough your content is going to be so fascinating, your followers are going to come to you as the expert and “in-the-know” guru rather than those other sources.



Do you remember that kid in gym back in the day? Yeah, the one who was always first in everything. Maybe there’s something he was doing right, maybe there’s a valuable lesson to be learned. If you could pick his brain and learn how to get ahead, would you? Sure you would.

Competition isn’t always a bad thing. Competition can keep you on your toes by helping you to never settle. Competition can also help drive traffic to your website? How? Marcus Sheridan explains it perfectly.

But it can also give you great content. So scope out your competition’s social media platforms!  What posts are receiving the most engagement? And which posts are falling flat? Learn from their successes and errors to help you maximize your posts for your audience.



How many times a day do you think your fans are on Google or Yahoo? Too many to count? BINGO, that’s exactly why you should know what keywords your buyer persona is searching for!

It’s vital to stay tuned into what he or she is interested in and searching for online.  By knowing what our buyer persona is drawn to, this allows us to refine our content by creating significant material that entertains and answers our follower’s questions.  Google’s Keyword Tool is FREE, all you have to do is enter a search term pertaining to your business, then sit back and be prepared to be amazed! Google Keyword Tool will provide you with how many people entered in that exact keyword phrase, along with similar keywords in which you just entered.

Now that you have the resources, let your fingers do the work! 



Do you have a role model or an individual you look to for inspiration? Take that same outlook and apply it to your work. These claim to fame experts don’t even have to be necessarily in your same industry, they can be real life success stories that simply are doing a grade A job on their social media platforms.

Find these companies doing it right and begin analyzing their posts from wording — quotes, questions, writing style, pictures — photos of people vs. products vs. collages, and general concepts. Once you start brainstorming other expert’s pages, you can take your posts to the next level by making them your own.

Now that we’ve provided you the tool belt to achieve content success, it’s your job to build the house! These fundamental steps are surefire ways to get you started with creating content and cultivating lasting relationships with your customers. Be sure you know the right social platforms for your buyer persona, learn from the experts as well as the competition, and indentify the keywords your followers are using. Putting these together will help to propel the ROI of your social media marketing efforts to the next level.

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