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January 8, 2014

What is a CTA? Why you should use Calls to Action on your Website

By Jessika Phillips

So What is a CTA? Why you should use a call to action on your website anyway? First let me ask you: Have you ever been trapped in a corn maze?

It starts out as fun but can quickly twist into a frustrating afternoon in the sun. Where do you go next? Why does everything look the same? How do I get OUT?


We’re betting you know the feeling.

Well, here’s a more frightening question: Is your website a corn maze to your visitors?

Think about it, you’ve got this super-great website loaded with awesome pages, examples of your work and educational information yet … there’s no direction.

Do your visitors turn left, right? How do they know?

It’s up to you to not only tell them, but to walk through it with them. And you do that with Calls to Action, simple buttons that provide a huge benefit to teaming up visitors through your overall conversion process.

It’s what converts that awesome visitor into a lead and ultimately into a customer. Think of it as walking with them through the corn maze and finding the perfect pumpkin to pluck out and take with you out of the maze.

What are we talking about here?

Definition time: A Call to Action is hyperlink to a landing page. CTA’s normally appear as a button but can also be a banner or some type of graphic to get website visitors to click and continue down the yellow brick road (AKA: Your conversion path).

Crazy numbers

The numbers say that most small businesses aren’t using calls to action. According to the Content Marketing Institute:

  • 70 percent don’t reference any notable calls to action on their home pages other than a phone number and a “contact us” option in the navigation;

  • 72 percent don’t have any calls to action on their interior pages;

  • 82 percent don’t reference their social media profiles (text or images).

The fact is, if you aren’t using calls to action, you aren’t maximizing your website.

So what are the benefits?

What you’re trying to do is drive visitors to your landing pages, where all of your wonderful offers are. But without CTAs, landing pages are just hanging out there: Lonely, cold … sad. They want attention.

Once you have visitors to your website, calls to action are “the next logical step in your conversion process,” (Hubspot best practices).

Essentially what a CTA does is entice visitors to an offer and takes them to the offer: Whether that offer is an ebook, a coupon, a free quote or whatever you have set up to convert visitors to leads and ultimately customers.

CTAs are business assets, living on website page 24/7, always working to drive website visitors to the next step. You don’t want your visitors lost and confused on your website. So take the thinking out of it and direct them with great CTAs that are colorful, action-oriented and simple.

Want another major reason CTAs are so critical and useful to your business? They help you measure your website’s effectiveness. Each CTA click can be monitored and allow you to see important analytics such as views, views to clicks and clicks to submission.

What does that mean? It means you can tell with 100 percent accuracy your Return on Investment. How valuable is that to you?

If you are one of the many businesses out there not taking advantage of this incredible tool, don’t waste any more time. Get working on your Calls to Action today. NOW Marketing Group has a great track record with using effective CTAs to help websites deliver on their investment. Let us help you harness these incredibly effective, yet simple buttons that can transform your website into a lead generating, client converting store.

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