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July 28, 2017

5 ways to create stunning videos on social media (without hiring a videographer)

By Brian Williams

With a content overload sweeping the nation, it is getting harder and harder to grab the attention of our target audience across all social media platforms. So, what’s the solution? Video! Video has been coming for the #1 spot since 2015, with the introduction of Facebook Live, Instagram video, Snapchat, Periscope, and more. Since the beginning (i.e. commercials), video has been the best way to grab an audience’s attention and visually tell a story - sometimes without even using words.

Now, in 2017, more and more brands are looking for a way to connect with their audience and tell the story of their brand. While videographers can be expensive, companies are creating new and innovative ways to create videos without all the cost and production.

Are you interested in some of the best video tools? Here are a few of our personal favorites.

5 tools to create stunning videos on social media:

Wave (Favorite!)

Pros: It’s inexpensive, easy to use, and there’s awesome stock video built in.

Cons: It's addictive. It’s also still in beta, so there are a few bugs but not many. While not free, it’s worth the investment.

Cost: $40 per month starting out


Splice App

Pros: Splice is easy to use. It has multiple features including trim, crop, effects, titles, speed controls, animation, transitions, and music.

Cons: Unfortunately there is no way to use Splice on the desktop, only on mobile. 

Cost: FREE download



Pros: Animoto is so simple and includes lot of templates. It’s quick.

Cons: The music selections are kind of...cheesy. And the built-in stock video isn’t super relevant.

Cost: $30 per month


Adobe Spark

Pros: It flat out looks amazing.

Cons: It’s more challenging to learn.



Pros: Ripl is inexpensive and a breeze.

Cons: It’s only on a mobile app, which means it’s not as user-friendly to customize.  

Cost: $9.99 / one time fee



Now that you know some of our favorite video tools, we want to share a few of our favorite ways to use them!


5 different ways to use video on social media:


Highlight blogs

Are you trying to get more views on your blog? Create a video highlighting some of the best points, and post the link with the video. This’ll send your viewers back to your website for more.

Highlight a product, service, or sale

Do you have a new product, service or sale that needs special attention? Create a video showing the special features of the product that will grab your audience’s attention.

Highlight an event

Over the course of a year, you’ll attend some kind of event,  whether public or private. Whatever the circumstance, you can use the event photos to create an awesome slide show to share on social media.

Bring your stationery graphics to life

It has never been easier to create your own animated videos! Turn your basic images, flyers, or text into eye-catching videos that will engage and WOW your audience.

Have fun

If you want to grab your audience’s attention, be sure to have fun when telling your story! Everyone loves a good story and what better way to tell that story than through video.

Now, you are ready to WOW your audience and break through the noise by creating professional videos of your own, without breaking the budget!

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