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November 20, 2020

Agorapulse Social Pulse Summit Twitter Edition: Our Top Takeaways

By NOW Marketing Group
Agorapulse Summit Blog

When it comes to putting on epic events, and creating a strong sense of community, we can’t think of anyone better than Agorapulse

We weren’t surprised that the Social Pulse Summit: Twitter Edition blew us away. With 2 live keynotes and 30+ breakout sessions, there was something for everyone. With Fleets rolling out LITERALLY the night before the conference, it made for a fresh reminder that as social media lovers, our main job is staying on top of the fast-paced nature of the industry.

Agorapulse Social Pulse SummitTrying new tools, features and functionality is what it’s all about and the 👇🏻 speakers really helped us to tap into our creativity and excitement for continually stepping up our game. 

The best part of the conference? Well, aside from the fact that it was FREE, it’s the fact that you can access all of the sessions until December 18! It’s as simple as registering with your email and BAM, you’ve got 20+ HOURS worth of incredible content at the tip of your fingers. 

While we haven’t yet gotten through all the amazing sessions, our team has put together their top takeaways from those they tuned-in to:

A Great Digital Presence is No Longer Optional - Opening Keynote 

Chris Brogan, President of Chris Brogan Media, LLC

Follow Chris | TwitterInstagramLinkedIn

Chris Brogan SquareChris got super granular (literally sharing the exact tools he uses) and talked all about how given everything that’s happened in the world, we have to be able to ROCK our digital footprint. His go-to tools? Logitech C922 external video camera, Blue Yeti Nano external USB microphone and a ring light! We loved Chris’s tips on building a top level presence. It’s all about delivering clear, simple points, inclusive language and good eye contact. 

Top Takeaway >>> Practice being on screen, buy the gear and learn to repeat/reflect and iterate on the story.  

“We have to be emotional at a distance.” @chrisbrogan #SocialPulseSummit @agorapulse (click to tweet) 

Click here to watch his session.

How To Build Relationships On Twitter (that go beyond Twitter)! 

Christine Gritmon, Social Media Trainer & Personal Brand Coach, Christine Gritmon Inc.

Christine Gritmon SquareFollow Christine | TwitterFacebookInstagram

Christine inspired us with her epic branding and useful tips throughout her talk. She reminded us about the importance and utility of Twitter lists, engaging with every single comment, taking the time to like other people’s content and just being SOCIAL. It’s through consistency and engagement that we can really build long-lasting relationships on social, and Christine is living proof of that. 

Top Takeaway >>> Engage more than you post and take the time to engage with every single mention. That’s how to show that you care. 

“Show that you’re not all business. Because people build relationships with other humans.” @cgritmon #SocialPulseSummit @agorapulse (click to tweet) 

Click here to watch her session. 

15 Twitter Visual Content Ideas to Spark Engagement [Creation & Repurposing Tips!] 

Annette McDonald, Founder, Easil 

Annette McDonald SquareFollow Annette/Easil | TwitterFacebookInstagram 

This session was a favorite of both Betsy and Andres on our team. The reason? The useful takeaways… they walked away with 15 fresh ideas! When it comes to visual design, it’s critical to have a style guide. Using the same brand colors and fonts is going to be what creates that visual consistency. Some of our favorites of the 15 ideas included: create a bespoke thank you graphic, a custom animated gif and shareable quote graphics. 

Top Takeaways >>> Utilize templates, rock that style guide and highlight specific details on your graphics like CTAs. 

“There’s still a lot more to your brand than logos, colors and fonts.” @teameasil #SocialPulseSummit @agorapulse (click to tweet)

Click here to watch her session. 

Developing A Twitter Smarketing Plan

Jessika Phillips, Founder of NOW Marketing Group

Jessika Phillips Square-3Follow Jessika | TwitterFacebookInstagramLinkedIn

Jessika dove in deep in her session, sharing the importance of knowing who you are AND showing a number of different tools the NOW team uses as part of our internal content creation process for ourselves AND for clients. When it comes to creating content on social, she reminded us that it’s all about being a magnet and not a bullhorn. It’s about attracting the RIGHT people, and you can only do that if you really know who you are.

Top Takeaway >>> Focus on WHO you are at the core of your business before doing anything else. 

“If your culture isn’t right, your marketing won’t be right either. Start from the inside out to grow your business.” @jessikaphillips #SocialPulseSummit @agorapulse (click to tweet) 

Click here to watch her session. 

The Future of Marketing is Human: Creating Connection in a World Cluttered with Content 

Julia Jornsay-Silverberg, Relationship Marketing Brand Manager at NOW Marketing Group 

Julia Jornsay-Silverberg Square-1Follow Julia | TwitterFacebookInstagramLinkedIn

In this vulnerable talk, Julia shared about the power of showing your humanity as a way of creating real connections on Twitter. She broke down her HUMANS system: have a plan, understand your special sauce, make a commitment, ask your audience, never stop learning and most importantly - shine a spotlight. Her presentation was filled with shoutouts to other social media marketers who are great at walking the walk.

Top Takeaways >>> There’s only one YOU, and it’s actually what people want to see. We’re craving humanity, so don’t be afraid to be vulnerable and show up just as you are. 

“Surface level content generates surface level responses. If you want your audience to go deep with you, you have to be willing to go deep yourself.” @jbethjs #SocialPulseSummit @agorapulse (click to tweet) 

Click here to watch her session.

Twitter Chat Goals: Setting Up Your Twitter Chat For Success

Debra Eckerling, Goal Coach & Founder, The D*E*B Method

Debra Eckerling Square

Follow Debra | TwitterFacebookInstagramLinkedIn 

In this session, Debra helps you break down everything involved in how to launch a Twitter chat. She covers everything from how to start, plan and then maintain the best Twitter chat that really suits your specific brand or business. She helps us think through the goals for the chat, how it will help others, how to execute it and exactly what needs to get done before, during and after the chat. We walked away with a thorough understanding of everything involved in hosting a chat that is truly successful. 

Top Takeaways >>> The DEB method: determine your mission, explore your options and brainstorm your path. Taking the time to plan everything out ahead of time is what will make your Twitter chat truly successful. 

"You can't get what you want until you know what you want!" - @DebraEckerling #SocialPulseSummit @agorapulse (click to tweet)

Click here to watch her session. 

How to Bring Engagement to life with Animated Visuals & GIFs

Donna Moritz, Visual Content Strategist & Founder of Socially Sorted, Socially Sorted

Donna Moritz SquareFollow Donna | TwitterFacebookInstagramLinkedIn 

This was Olivia’s favorite session by far because of how Donna walked us through exactly HOW to create animated visuals on different platforms. The beauty of animated visuals is that they are short and to the point, and add humanity to your social media. These visuals, made easily through Canva and GIPHY can help showcase your brand personality and drive more engagement. 

Top Takeaways >>> Creating animated visuals is about leveraging awesome tools, awareness of movement and having a sense of humor. Oh yea, and leverage templates! 

“Brands are starting to tap into it and start to make some really fun animations… it can be time-consuming to set up, but it can be done in super simple ways.” @sociallysorted #SocialPulseSummit @agorapulse (click to tweet) 

Click here to watch her session. 

How To Harness Live Tweeting to Generate FOMO for Your Business

May King Tsang, Ms FOMOCreator 

May King Tsang SquareFollow May | Twitter 

In this session from the live-tweeting Queen herself, May King Tsang, we learned 8 specific ways that you can use live-tweeting to create FOMO: talk about the event beforehand, showcase and document your journey, search on (and use!) the hashtag, take selfies, tag - don’t spam, decide how much YOU want to show (remember, you have control!), engage with others and repurpose tweets! 

Top Takeaways >>> Live-tweeting is SO powerful as a way of getting exposure and awareness for your events. Don’t overlook how many connections you can make by taking the time to connect and engage with individuals attending the same events as you! 

"JOMO... You don't want joy on people missing out on your business!" - @MayKingTea #SocialPulseSummit @agorapulse (click to tweet)

Click here to watch her session. 

How To Build A Brand Ambassador Program Using Twitter

Mike Allton, Brand Evangelist, Agorapulse 

Mike Allton SquareFollow Mike | TwitterFacebookInstagram

This was one of Julia’s favorite sessions because she felt like the Social Pulse Summit ITSELF was a true testament to what Mike spoke about during his session, which was the power of influencer marketing. Mike broke down EXACTLY how to find and pursue influencers, and why it’s beneficial for businesses. Our favorite part? The focus on relationship-building. It WILL take time but it’s completely worth it to invest in connecting with people that you feel truly live the same values as your brand. 

Top Takeaways >>> Brand fit = the most important criteria when looking for influencers. It WILL take time, but we only want to work with people that have a voice, style and content that really align with our brand. 

“A well-respected member of your community IS an influencer.” @Mike_allton #SocialPulseSummit @agorapulse (click to tweet) 

Click here to watch his session. 

We can’t wait to jump into the rest of the sessions.

Again, they are FREE (our favorite price) and are available through Dec. 18. Sign up >>> HERE. We would love to get your feedback or hear your takeaways! Share in the comments your favorite Twitter tips or which speaker was a standout for you.

If you want to check out Agorapulse and all it’s awesomeness, we can’t recommend it enough! You can use our link to sign up. 

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