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November 20, 2014

Brand Your Hashtag

By NOW Marketing Group

A Hashtag's Purpose

Hashtags. We see them everywhere and businesses strive to use the right ones so they can be found. Specific words and phrases that accurately summarize your discussion have become necessary for communicating online... plus they can be a lot of fun. Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon may not like them, but understanding their purpose and benefits is important.

The hashtag was invented in August 2007 to gather and categorize online discussions on Twitter to make them searchable. Hashtagging has taken off and is used for events such as #CMAawards2014 or #Oscars to entertainment topics like #MTVStars or #KimKardashian. Today they are used on social platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google+ in addition to Twitter. Some of them are a little on the wild side, some of them are pretty general, and there are others that hit the nail on the head and serve its true purpose.


Custom Hashtags and Your Brand

So you understand the purpose of a hashtag, now let's employ it in your online social marketing. You will see us use #InboundMarketing, #RelationshipMarketing, or #nowmg many times. These accurately describe who we are, what we do, and what people would search for to find us and services we offer.

When we hosted Social Media Week in Lima, we registered a hashtag #SMWL14. This helped keep all conversations about the event easy to find and join in. When a client runs a contest we often register a hashtag specific to the event. This helps with categorizing the conversations as well as branding. So how do you register and brand your hashtag?


Hashtag Registration

Ok, so let's pretend your business, let's call it ABC Supplies, has an online charity campaign. It was agreed to use a hashtag of #ABCgivesback to promote the campaign. Now it's time to register. And the good news: it's free.

1. Search for your desired hashtag on social platforms to make sure it is not already in use.

2. Visit https://www.twubs.com or you can use hashtag.org, and make sure your hashtag is not already registered.



3. If it is available, continue to enter the information necessary to describe what the hashtag is for.


4. Once you complete the registration process, use the hashtag as much as possible! While you're at it go ahead and register others around your brand or upcoming events!


There you have it. Branding your hashtag is fairly painless. Keeping them simple and accurate while keeping best practices in mind is key, and their use will enhance your online presence. Simply put, think of your hashtag as your branding.


If you're looking for a complete relationship marketing strategy to make your brand shine, contact us for a custom marketing analysis today!  877-380-6698

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