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June 19, 2013

Build It And They Will Come. What You Need to Know To Build A Great Website.

By Jessika Phillips

Ok, so maybe websites aren't the field of dreams but ...with more than 2.2 billion people online, you should know by now that if you are a business, a website is a must. And the very simple answer to “why?” is, to be found.

Without a website you may be sending the wrong message. By creating a business website you are welcoming the public to explore your services and find out a little more about whom you are and what you offer.

When questions arise, the first place we turn for answers is to the internet. The internet never closes, which means that you are available to your customers 24/7, 365. Your website is your partner in sharing information, offering support, assisting customers and performing transactions with the seeker.

Web surfer’s attention spans are short, studies have shown that you have seven to ten seconds to capture and hold a person’s interest, so make those seconds count! A good website can turn random visitors into serious customers.

So, how do you make your website a valuable marketing tool? An effective website offers the following:


  • Fluidity; your website should flow smoothing from top to bottom and page to page.
  • Fresh engaging content; it gets the attention needed from search engines, and it keeps people coming back again and again. Tell them who you are and what SOLUTIONS your company offers- what problems you’re your business solve (also known as “pain points”) for the person searching.. Your awesome, you already know that, tell your visitors why they should think that as well. Pick two to three of your company’s most valued services and how it solves the “pain point” of your ideal audience better and more effectively than your competitors. Make sure your content talks “to” your audience, not “at” them. Your website gives you the unique opportunity to build the “know, like and trust” relationship with your target audience.
  • Create a blog to engage users. A blog is a tool to answer questions and give advice to visitors. (ie- what you're reading right now)
  • Think "Inbound Marketing".. Create “offers” or Calls to Action on your site with free downloads to useful information in exchange for an email address. You can create an e-book or a white paper to deliver this information. The offers will also help build your e-newsletter list and provide warm leads.
  • Contact information; make it front and center.
  • Don’t come out the gate with a sales pitch. Instead, explain how your product or service will benefit them. Remember, “Successful businesses tell, not sell”


Building a website can seem a daunting and overwhelm task, but you don’t have to go at it alone. Here at NOW Marketing Group we can help you by acting as an extension of your company to help you expand your brand potential. We have developed a fresh, six step process to rethinking the marketing funnel:




So here is the bottom line: Usability is what matters most. Your content should be clear and formatted to present friendly, readable, and distraction-free content. When it comes to being easy to find, don't forget mobile users either! Make sure your site is mobile friendly and/or responsive or else you will be losing out on a ton of traffic.

Let us help you turn your website into a smart lead-generating machine. Click below to receive a free quote.


- See more at: https://now-marketing-group.com/services/web-design/#sthash.4DM7pVAa.dpuf


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