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July 7, 2017

We were featured in CIO Review for Customer Experience!

By NOW Marketing Group

The June edition of the CIO Review featured Jessika Phillips and her philosophy of relationship-focused marketing

Customer Experience Management Solution Award

Read the full article here:

NOW Marketing Group: Marketing Centered on Relationships

We are so excited our own President Jessika Phillips was featured in the June issue of CIO Review as a Top 20 Most Promising Customer Experience Management Solution Provider. The story focuses on our core values of relationship building marketing and how we aim to tell our client's unique stories so they can attract the right audience. This guides everything we do at NOW, so we're pumped people are starting to take notice.

As Jessika says in the article, “We help our clients understand who their target audience is. Who can they help more than anyone else?”

Check out the magazine here www.CIOReview.com. Find Jessika on page 34!

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