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July 10, 2014

Content Curation and Inbound Marketing

By Jeremiah Wright

With all of the tweets, blog articles, and news feeds out there, consumers can easily find themselves lost in a sea of content. So how do you bring them to you?

The answer lies in positioning your brand as the Expert in your industry. This can be accomplished via content curation services. In an earlier review I touched on Paper.li. Today we’ll dive in deeper along with another platform: RebelMouse.


NOW’s journey with Paper.li began as a result of addressing a client’s specific need with their e-newsletter: They needed a way to bring health related news articles to their readers as efficiently as possible.

Paper.li accomplishes by pulling stories from a variety of sources including your competition. Indeed, Paper.li fits in perfectly with the inbound marketing 10-4-1 rule for your social media posts and marketing content. Let’s break each of those down:

10: You want to be the one stop shop for information. Therefore, ten out of fifteen pieces of your content should come from other sources. Within Paper.li, stories are only curated from the sources you hand select. By including your competition as well as other industry leaders, your paper can become the go-to place for all things related to your field.

4: Four of your fifteen should be from your company’s blog. Be sure to Include your company’s Twitter account as your top source, make sure you’re tweeting out blog articles at least 2-3 times a week, and your paper will easily reflect this percentage.

1: The “1” is a Landing Page from your website. Tweet these out too and, because they’re links, they’ll be curated into your next issue. If you get really creative, you can even customize your Ad Units and turn them into Calls to Action with Landing Page redirects.

In short, Paper.li should absolutely be a part of your company’s inbound marketing campaign.



So what about RebelMouse? Because I’ve worked in the Paper.li menus for so long now, it took me a bit to figure out its UI (my Context strength apparently working against me this time). The learning curve wasn’t too steep though, and here is what I discovered:

— RebelMouse is a real-time aggregation from the sources you’ve selected. There is no weekly or even daily publishing schedule option.
— Because of this, there is no opportunity to review your stories before they go live to your audience.
— While RebelMouse still uses the 10-4-1 rule via content curation, the biggest difference is the lack of CTA widget space.
— RebelMouse includes custom domain support at the basic level. However, e-newsletter integration requires a MailChimp account compared to the built-in system Paper.li has.
— Custom sections can be added.
— As far as I can tell, there is no archive. Once a story fall off of your page, it’s gone.

For the brand looking to provide real-time aggregation (perhaps at a conference, where your RebelMouse page would auto update with content throughout the event on a large panel monitor), RebelMouse will suit your needs.


However, if you’re looking to be known as a recognized leader in your industry with greater control over your message, go with a Pro Paper.li. The cost is negligible, the benefits are tremendous, and the integration with your inbound strategy cannot be beat.

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