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November 13, 2016

Do you have a story to tell? It's time to tell it!

By Brian Williams

Every business, every brand, and every public figure has a story to tell. So, you may be wondering what story do you have to tell or how can you tell your story effectively and reach the right audience. Well, that is why I’m here to help!

First: You must figure out what story you're telling and WHY you are telling it! Remember transparency and pure honesty always connects with people.

2016 changed my life. I had a story to tell and I had to find an outlet to tell it. I started my own blog in May of 2016 and with it I shared my true authentic self with everyone that was willing to read it. I shared the good, the bad, the joy and the hurt with complete strangers… scary I know! I didn’t know what to expect, but I couldn’t hold it in anymore. I, Brian Williams, had a story to tell and it was my time to tell it.

Second: Start your own blog on your website or through a site like WordPress.com to get your story out there! All of your content will be searchable.

With the first blog post published I waited in anticipation for some kind of response, wondering what people would think. Would they even read what I had to say? The people read it, and the response was overwhelming. I was shocked by the number of likes, comments, and shares my blog post received, so I wrote more. I continued to write on a regular basis and the response was overwhelming with each new blog post. People were connecting and responding to me because I was speaking my truth. I was telling the story of so many people, people I’d never met.

*Bonus* Don’t forget to set up a business or brand Facebook page to garner more “likes” and gain a new audience. Having a business or brand page will allow you to partake in Facebook advertising if you so choose.

Third: I knew what worked, so I had to apply everything I learned.

The same thing I’ve told so many of my clients many times before was working for me. I was publishing content on a regular basis, through my blog. I was real and was sharing experiences and questions that people had but never asked. I wrote about the questions I had about life, struggles, growing up, and finding my own way. Never did I think that so many people would relate to what I had to say, but they did.

Fourth: I had an audience, so now it was time to tell my story in the form of a book.

The consistent blog posts turned into my very own book that was published on June 29, 2016 titled, “Safe Thus Far: My Testimony.” Now it was time to market it! Before the release date I was teasing all of my friends and family on social media that I had something to announce soon, and the Internet went buzzing. My favorite form of marketing is “surprise marketing.” I continued to tease up to the release date of the book and everyone had their own guesses as to what was happening. My audience was waiting in anticipation as to what was to come.

Fifth: The surprise announcement.

June 29, 2016 was the day my book was going to be released, so before I let everyone know what my surprise was I did a Facebook Live. My Facebook Live specifically told everyone to stay tuned to my Facebook page because I had an announcement at 2:30 p.m. that I wanted everyone to share. My audience waited in anticipation for what was to come.

Sixth: It was time.

At 2:30 exactly, it was time. The post about my book went out across all of my social media channels and I was surprised at the response. The shares, comments, and likes continued and my audience was surprised at my announcement.

It was time to promote the book with newspaper interviews, radio interviews, book signings, and speeches. I believed in my story and “WHY” so much that I enjoyed every mile of the process.

Seventh: Tell your story in any way you can fearlessly.

No matter if you are a business, brand, or blogger you are in business because of your WHY. There is something that wakes you up every morning and that is exactly the story that your audience wants to hear. Being transparent can be scary, it can be liberating, and it can be exciting but however you feel you must do it fearlessly.

You have a story to tell, and someone out there is waiting to hear it.

Ways you can tell your story:

  1. Blogging
  2. Video
  3. Social Media
  4. Print Media
  5. Radio
  6. Television

The possibilities are endless, but the time to be real is now. After all, isn’t that what we all love? Real people. Real events. Real life. Real stories.

You can find my book "Safe Thus Far: My Testimony" on: Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, and BooksaMillion.com!

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