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April 13, 2016

Everything you know about marketing has changed! Part 2

By Kate Ellis
(If you missed it check out part one here!)

It used to be you saw one-way advertisements, in print, billboard, or television, and they would try to get you to take an action. But this has changed, and people expect two-way conversations. This means there is an opportunity for the interested party, the consumer, to ask questions and to learn more. And, they expect a response from you!

They way people are spending their time has also changed. People are spending more and more time on social media, and it’s taking up a lot of people’s time. One out of every five minutes on a mobile phone is spent on Facebook, which brings us to the next big change. Mobile phones!

There are now more mobile phones than there are humans on earth. By the end of 2014 traffic on mobile phones surpassed desktops. Mobile use of the internet supersedes desktops! Not only are people expect two-way conversation and for you to be active and responsive in a timely manner, but they’re keeping the conversation in their pockets at all times. The average Facebook user is checking their account 150 times a day. If you’re making them wait that’s not a good thing. People more than ever crave instant gratification.

Search engines are taking note of this, too. Because everyone is on mobile, search engines expect your website to be viewable on the devices that people are using. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, then you’ll get dinged from search engines. So, make sure your website is mobile responsive so everyone can see who you are.

Your website is your own space on the internet. It’s how people will find you. So it’s imperative that you give them a good experience no matter what kind of device they are on. It’s all about ease of use. That’s what people expect.

And, because of how much time people are spending on social media, you have to have a presence where your audience is.

There are three things here are three things you have to consider for your marketing:

  • Speed - Immediate gratification is not quick enough
  • Communication - They want to be able to have two-way conversations
  • Interact on their own terms - They want to contact you where they’re comfortable


You need to use multiple channels, based on where your customers are. Think of where can you build a relationship with your audience? And in those platforms, remember, the more present you are the bigger your presence is perceived. You have to commit to be where your audience is hanging out online. Monitor comments and messages, and offer a conversation that has value. Meet your audience where they are at, ask around, find out where current clients are at, and with what they are comfortable of doing.

This is obviously much different than the old marketing way. You’re not just pushing messages out anymore, it’s a more layered and laid back approach. You’re bringing the right people to your business, who will be much more likely to become invested in your company.

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