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August 23, 2018

Facebook is updating page designs and introduces new business templates

By NOW Marketing Group

Do you keep getting a warning to apply a new template to your business page? Don’t panic.

Facebook has been making a lot of changes lately to ensure they are helping businesses market themselves. One of these updates includes several new templates with the goal of helping people connect with businesses more easily.

Facebook automatically updated businesses templates for them on August 23. If you didn’t choose a template beforehand, they chose the one they felt was best for your business type.

Facebook Business Template Warning

The new types of templates are:

  • Standard– Good for most businesses and what the current default is
  • Services– Made to help people find you, learn about services, and get in touch
  • Business– Helps manage the business with tabs for special offers and job postings
  • Venues– Makes it easy to highlight location, hours, and events
  • Movies– Highlights movie times
  • Non-profit– Helps you by encouraging people to support and donate to your cause
  • Politicians– Engage with voters and build your online community
  • Restaurants/Cafes– Easily highlight your menu, hours, locations, and photos
  • Shopping– Help people shop online by showcasing products
  • Video– Perfect for featuring video content

This really isn’t a big deal at all. It’s pretty much just cosmetic in nature. These changes will include:

  • The page name and category are smaller and not as bold
  • Your profile picture will be much smaller and won’t hang over the cover photo
  • The page "tabs" or "apps" are now under the cover photo further to the left
  • You’ll find the Like button below the cover photo
  • The Share button is will also be below the cover photo
  • And, the "see more" button is below the cover photo now
  • The call-to-action (CTA) button is now blue and much wider– There are more CTA options as well
  • Lastly, the Message button is below the cover photo, too

This is what Facebook had to say about these new changes:

"Relevant information such as your hours, price range and recommendations are prioritized so people can easily take action, like placing an order or contacting you directly."

Each template is specifically designed to support and help the type of business it represents. For those with menus, it places priority on that. For eCommerce or retail businesses, it focuses on products. Et cetera, et cetera.

It’s pretty simple stuff, really!

New call-to-action

Did your business template switch? How are you finding the new layout? Let us know.

We talked about this during our #TrainingTuesday. Check it out below.

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