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May 6, 2015

How to construct a good Social Media post

By Jessika Phillips
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Creating a post might seem to be easy but there are a lot behind it that you should be aware before communicating with your follower.

Social Media has been around in every known business nowadays. Consumers are no longer using Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms to only communicate with people, but also to engage with brands and businesses they trust or think it is worthy having interaction with. That is obviously a great chance for businesses to promote their brands and interact with their potential clients; however, how to actually construct a really good social media post?

Since so many people around the world are accessing these platforms, a lot of businesses are utilizing it to generate sales. That is indeed a great way to communicate; yet, companies have to understand the actual meaning of “Social Media”. If you look up in the dictionary it will probably states that it is a “large groups of people to share information and develop social and professional contacts”.  So here are some tips that we think that would help you when creating a post:


Conversational is The Key

As stated in the previous paragraph, that is a reason why it is called Social Media. Simply because it is social! Come up with a content that talks to your follower so that would make it not only social, but also conversational, and will also create a relationship with your target. For instance, if you are trying to get volunteers for a local program, instead of: “Be a Volunteer!” why not “Here is an awesome opportunity for you! Are you joining us?” Moreover, asking questions is better than talking about you.



Optimize and Customize

The first impression is always an important fact in someone’s decision to follow or not to follow you. If the impression is that you are not organized with your posts, they are likely to just leave and have no interactions with your page. Make sure you optimize your content to each platform with appropriate customization for each post – that means to include keywords that will help visitors understand you, including links to your website and adding visual such as URLS, Logo, headers, cover, etc.

If you are writing a Twitter Post always try to engaging by using #hashtags, being short, creative, and shareable. You should also tweet early and often using no more than 120 characters so it is easy to share. However, if you are creating the same content for Facebook, use no more than 250 characters; use images to get more attention; ask questions; make it fun and personal because it is definitely not a place for serious content. On the other hand if you are at LinkedIn, that will be the place where you are looking for a serious content; make sure you post less frequently but more efficient and that it is before or after working hours.


Personas: Who They Are?

The Personas would be basically your ideal customer, a semi-fictional representation of whom you are trying to attract. Make sure you understand them as much as you can so that would be easier for you to create the right content. That means you should know what Social Media platform they use the most as well as why they are there (Education? Business? Pleasure? Connection?). Once you have found them stop and listen and see what content they are sharing and posting so that way you are likely to come up with a better future content.


Create Valuable Content

Content is the message you are delivering – and without content, the Internet would simply be empty. When you are coming up with it, make sure you plan before. Know what and why, and the goal of your business and personas. The Golden Rule is a great way to run your media platform, where 80% of your posts focus in your personas, and 20% would be sales related content. Focusing in your personas means talking with them in a beneficial way – engaging, entertaining, or even educating them – not with features. People usually don’t want to hear who you are and what the brand is, but rather they will probably pay attention if the content is valuable to them. Furthermore, keep your followers happy by retweetting them, answering questions, or helping them with a problem they had with your product or service for instance.


Don’t be afraid trying to apply that; we guarantee that the more active you are with your Social Media platforms, the more you will know about your followers. Analyze everything you do and try not to commit the same mistakes you did before. Be the best teacher in the world, but at the same time, be a listener and believe in the possibilities you have – if you do that everything will change.




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