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October 29, 2015

How to handle Negative Feedback on Your Social Media

By Jessika Phillips

Even the best of companies will have negative reviews and comments on their social media accounts.

It might surprise you, but when it happens a complaint is a great opportunity to prove your customer service skills. Although it might be difficult to deal with the negative comments, learning how to handle the criticism will put you one step closer to being ahead of the game with your great customer service.

Everyone has been a customer before. It’s no surprise that we are looking for the best customer service, and if we receive sub-par service from a business, well, that’s where negative feedback generally comes from.

So take that feedback as an opportunity to grow and flex your wonderful customer service muscles. To start with don’t do these things when you receive negative feedback:

Don’t hide it, delete it or ignore it

You want to have a true genuine conversation with your audience, and if they are having a problem show that you care by responding back to them.

Don’t send a generalized message back

“Dear Customer- Thank you for reaching out ..your feedback is important to us but please contact blah blah blah” auto message- is an example of what not to do. Everyone hates a generic, robotic message. Your customers have feelings, so show them their thoughts have been heard. In other words, treat them the way you’d like to be treated. Engage with them personally and find a solution for them.

Don’t feed the fire

The customer is always right? Nope, wrong. However, they do have the right to be heard. Don’t  jump into defense mode. If you answer openly and honestly and try to help them, other customers will see that you’ve tried. If you’ve done all that you can do, maybe it is time for a phone conversation.  You can only type so much in a message, and it can be hard to figure out how someone is actually feeling by reading a message. If it gets too heated bring it offline so you can fully understand what your customer is saying. That way both of you can hear each other's voices. This will also show that you truly care.

Here’s what you should do

Do what you say you are going to. Handle the problem and follow up.Your customer expects you to do what you say you were going to do.  Remember, that the world is watching you and the internet doesn’t forget.

Take all the feedback that you are getting whether it is negative, positive, or maybe questions, then use it as marketing feedback for later. Use the feedback to your advantage. Fix whatever was wrong and don’t repeat your mistakes. Now that you’ve been informed you’re educated, so put your best foot forward.

Humans don’t like negative feedback, in fact we crave positivity. But, although it’s hard to hear, negative comments are good. Think of it this way: your customer is telling you what they think you can improve on. That’s all.


Customer service is all about providing a place for customers when something goes wrong, questions need answered, or there is an issue to be dealt with.


So, don’t hide from negative feedback. Answer personally, fix the problem, and use it as a learning experience. Now that’s how you do customer service.

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