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January 7, 2016

How to increase your Twitter marketing efforts

By Jessika Phillips
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Are you struggling with marketing on Twitter? Are you tired of trying to figure out why you’re not getting the traffic, followers, or engagement you had hoped for? As with any social media platform, it can sometimes be tough to crack the code that is Twitter. Did you know that you can take your Twitter marketing to the next level with a few simple tricks you can do in minutes? We’re here to tell you how.

Show your face

If you’re a public figure, place your picture in the profile picture box. If you’re a business, place your business’ logo in the box. This will not only help put a face to your name or business, but it will help build rapport.

Write an awesome bio

Make sure your bio looks great, with no spelling errors or typos. Use relevant keywords for both SEO and to help others find you on Twitter search. You’re limited to 160 characters for your bio and it doesn’t take much to fill it up, so keep it short and sweet and leave out all of the "fluff". Add your personality and share what makes you special.

Have a public account

Many of us have been there: you click on a Twitter account you really want to view, but when you get there, it’s private. Private Twitter pages will drive most users away. They are beneficial for personal users wishing to protect their identity and information, but for businesses and public figures, it’s not a good idea to have a private account. Twitter is a unique way to network and find like-minded people and businesses out there, and a public account will maximize your Twitter experience.

Find a balance

You will need to tweet frequently, but not too frequently. The average lifespan of a tweet is 18 minutes. Once those 18 minutes are up, if the tweet hasn’t been retweeted, it’s no longer relevant. Most retweets happen in the first 7 minutes, 92% of retweets happen in the first hour. So you may be asking, “does this mean I need to be tweeting every 18 minutes?”. Absolutely not. To get the most value out of each tweet sent, tweet around 5 times per day, not including engagement.

Keep your tweets short

Keep your tweets between 110 and 120 characters to allow room for the retweet and a comment.

Have manners

It is especially important to have manners on social media. Just because social media isn’t the traditional way to do business doesn’t mean you can throw all your manners out the window. Respond to your mentions and retweets. Interact and engage with your followers. Similarly, if you want others to retweet your content, follow the golden rule and retweet their content.

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