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March 17, 2015

Microsoft Kills Internet Explorer

By Terence Keaser II

R.I.P. Internet Explorer! Its official, Microsoft is killing off its brand Internet Explorer. They announced the news at their internal conference "Microsoft Convergance."  What does this mean for the new "Windows 10?"

Microsoft's dagger into Internet Explorer will make room for what appears to be "Project Spartan," which is being dubbed as the next Internet browser from Microsoft.  Millions of people started their internet experience by using Internet Explorer, when it launched in 1995. Overtime, as many of us know, competition took over the web browsing experience, and it didn't take long for IE to become irrelevant as the number one web browser. New browsers like Firefox, Chrome, and Safari have really dug into the overall market share of how users surf the internet.

We aren't sure what Microsoft is going to call its new web browser. They have done some initial testing on names, and have found if it starts with "Microsoft," then users appear to trust it.  BUT, who knows! We'll just have to wait and see since Microsoft is expected to release the Windows 10 update later this year.

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