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April 8, 2016

New Facebook updates make it easier to connect with businesses

By Kate Ellis

Facebook has announced several new features that will make it easier for people to find and contact businesses. Through Facebook and Messenger more than 900 million people are sending messages to friends, family, and businesses. And increasingly people are using Messenger to connect with businesses, with more than one billion messages sent between people and businesses every month. That’s why Facebook has launched new tools to help people find the businesses they want to connect with.

Page Usernames

Page usernames will begin to be implemented in order to help people identify and contact the businesses they are looking for. Pages will have an editable username, and they will soon show up on your page, underneath the page title. They will have an @ symbol before the username.

If you already have a vanity URL, like facebook.com/NOWMarketing, you will already have a username, since the username and vanity URL are the same thing. So, ours would be @NOWMARKETING.

This means life will be easier for those who have common names. Each username is unique, so people will be able to find you more easily. Usernames will be showing up in the next few weeks. Pages that don’t have a username will begin to see an option to select a new username directly on their page.

Messenger Links

Facebook is also introducing messenger links in the next few weeks. Businesses can use messenger links to make it fast and easy for people to start a message thread with them. Using the page’s username, messenger links will create a short and memorable link -- m.me/NOWMARKETING, for example -- that when clicked, will open a conversation with the business in messenger.

Messenger Codes

Working like messenger links, messenger codes are unique codes that people can scan in messenger through their phone’s camera. Once scanned they will open a new thread with your company. Messenger codes will be able to be used in ads, on websites, or in any other marketing channel you have, to make it simple for people to connect with you. Messenger code images will be available for download. Find them in your page’s inbox.

Messenger Greetings

You will now be able to start the conversation with the right tone with messenger greetings. Improving communication, messenger greetings are customizable notes from your business that will appear in a new message thread before the conversation starts. You can use your messenger greeting to say hi and be friendly while letting people know what to expect from you. You can find your messenger greeting in your page’s message settings in the next couple weeks.

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