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April 24, 2014

7 Tips for Revamping your Website

By Jessika Phillips

Launching a new website can be a daunting and intense experience. preparation and communication are your keys to a success. However, seeing as your day-today business and life tasks aren't put on hold while you build a new site here are 7 of top tips to keep your website project moving forward.

1. Know your goals - Know why you’re creating or revamping a website, is it to attract more visitors, is it to better track your leads? We set goals for a reason, so let’s stick to them. It can be easy to get side-tracked and hung up on things that may not line up with your end goals, so keep those goals in mind when making decisions and ask yourself, is this what we set out to accomplish?


2. Have content ready - Make sure when you are revamping your website you’re not just changing the look. 60% of the sales cycle is over before a buyer talks to your salesperson. Decide how you want someone to learn about the services or products you provide and write your content in a conversational tone. Don’t put it off, figure out what you want to say and say it. Also, your pages being created for your website called a site-maps you like and think will work for your business and CTA’s (Calls to Action) that will be appealing to your target audiences.


3. Consider the media that will be on your site - Photos and videos not only bring color and life to your site, they add a personal element. Collect all of your photos, videos and materials to share with us before we begin to see what we can repurpose for your website. Media is a great way to help tell your story.


4. Don’t forget to be Social - Social Media isn’t just for sharing pictures of your kids, dogs, food, etc. Your new website will include social media buttons to drive traffic to your social pages, so make sure the content on your social media platforms are current and reflect the messaging being shared on your new website.


5. Experience matters - Show examples of your work or include things like testimonials and case studies. They make website visitors feel more comfortable contacting you when they can see representations of your work. They also add credibility to your business and make you look like an expert in what you do.


6. Let us know your design style - Communicate any specific design requests you have before we start the project. If you have particular color palettes or websites that you like, let us know upfront so we can get a feel for the style you want when designing your website look and feel.


7. Keep communicating - Create task lists, action items and timelines to follow throughout the process. Everyone is always so excited to start a new project, but sometimes that excitement can start to fade when you realize business doesn’t slow down for you to work on your website. After the initial meeting, participate in weekly calls and progress reports with your project manager.


Whatever your reason is for creating a new website, remember these tips in order to make the most of your time. Consumers want to know that your business is the right choice to solve their specific needs before they call you. Your website is your first impression and our goal is to make sure your website not only looks great but it works as a 24/7/365 sales and PR representative to attract your ideal buyer persona.

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