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March 19, 2019

Expanding your LIVE-span: How to get more reach out of your live videos

By NOW Marketing Group

All across the internet, video has taken over. Now especially, live videos are an important—dare we even say crucial—part of online marketing. No matter the industry, no matter the business-size, it’s a strategy that works. And all the major social media platforms allow it. Even LinkedIn has rolled it out for their users!

But, even though it’s so important and many businesses and marketers are embracing the technique to reach their audiences, it can be a challenge to effectively use it and maximize its potential. Just like any other kind of content you create, once it’s done, it’s not done. You need to promote it!

Once you stop broadcasting, there’s still a lot you can do with the video. Here’s what to do next.

Okay, I’ve stopped recording, now what?

First off, congrats on going live to begin with! We know for many people it can be intimidating to go live and there is definitely a little bit of a learning curve. Give yourself a pat on the back!

Alright, so for example, let’s say you’re on Facebook. First thing is to post that video to the newsfeed. This gives more people the opportunity to see the post. This is the bare minimum, easiest thing you can do to get more reach.

Don’t forget that you can go into this with a plan in place. Just because it’s a live video doesn’t mean that you’re going to hit that button without an agenda. Just like a blog, you should have an idea and sketch out an outline of the topics you will cover (Click to Tweet)

Once you have a plan, you can schedule live videos on Facebook and Youtube. Don’t forget to let people know when you will be going live, what you’ll be talking about, and hype it up! You can use tools like Instagram Stories, make posts, and create graphics to share. If it’s a weekly or monthly show-type of live video, you could create an email drip campaign around it and keep people up-to-date that way. Also, don’t forget to cross-promote on different channels!

What else can I use to get my reach up?

Host watch parties!

If you haven’t used this feature out, yet, you’re missing out! Facebook Watch Parties are super fun. They’re a fairly new feature on the platform, which let page admins hold a live screening of pre-recorded videos that are publically available on Facebook. Members of the group are invited to all watch the videos at the same time and share live comments.

To host your own watch party, all you have to do is start a new post and choose the watch party option. Be pretty specific in your description. Let people know what they’re watching and why! Click Post.

Now, you’ll be prompted to choose the video(s). You can search and find a video on Facebook, choose a video from a page you manage, select a video uploaded to the group, pick out a live video, or choose from a saved video. There are also suggested videos. Once you have your video, click the play now button.

Now that the party is live, you can add more videos to the line-up, control video playback, and skip videos. But, anything you do, people can see.

There is a comment section people can post real-time comments too, as well as reactions. You can invite people to join you. When you’re all done, click the end party button.

Upload Premieres!

The Facebook Premiere feature lets you upload and schedule videos to broadcast live on your Facebook page. By using premieres, you get all the benefits of a live video. So, in this case, you could take your live video, repurpose it, maybe add in some clips or edit it to be shorter, and then publish it as a premier. Then, after it’s re-broadcasted you can plan a watch party down the line! You can get so much more reach out of a plan like this!

Once you schedule a premiere, a post will be published to your page letting people know to watch for it. They can click a “Get Reminder” button and then receive notification about 20 minutes before it starts.

Use Advertisements!

Of course, you can also boost posts and use some advertisements to get more reach. Specifically, you can target other people who are similar to those who have already watched and engaged with your live video.

Turn it into other forms of content!

There are so many other ways you can repurpose live video, including turning it into other forms of media altogether and then linking to the original video.

Turn your live video into:

  • A blog
  • A podcast
  • A social graphic
  • An Insta-Story
  • A highlight video
  • A series of clips to share
  • A download or worksheet
  • A SlideShare deck

The sky really is the limit here. Use your imagination and determine what other formats your live video could do great in.

Add captions!

Facebook has a handy tool where you can go back in and add captions to your videos. It’s does some auto-captioning, which is about 70-ish percent accurate and then you can add in the rest. This really helps capture people as they’re scrolling their feed in a place where they may not have headphones or want to hear any sound. With the captions, they can still stop scrolling and watch the video without missing anything.

Are you using live videos? What tricks are you using to get more reach? Let us know in the comments!

And, if you haven’t been brave enough to hit that live button, we want to encourage you to try. Your audience would love to hear from you, see what you’re up to, and video is one of the best ways to do that these days. Good luck!

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