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December 29, 2021

Our Top 10 Lessons For Leaders and Digital Marketers Approaching 2022

By NOW Marketing Group
Our Top 10 Lessons For Leaders and Digital Marketers Approaching 2022 NOW MARKETING GROUP BLOG

One of the most fun parts of working in digital marketing is absolutely the opportunity to connect and collaborate with other super smarties that share a passion for relationship building and creating connections.

The desire to learn and create connections are the two main reasons why we host our weekly live video show, Magnet Marketers. 

Magnet Marketers has been running for 11+ years! Hosted by Jessika Phillips and Mike Gingerich, this weekly, Tuesday training is centered around providing timely and topical information in an easily digestible way. 

Throughout the years, they've covered virtually every topic from:

Given how much value our amazing guests pour into each and every episode, it's impossible to pick the top 10 episodes from this past year. 

We figured as we approach 2022, we would share our top 10 lessons for leaders and digital marketers that we have learned through Magnet Marketers episodes in 2021. 

The Power Of Leadership Through Laughter:

Laughter is a universal language that brings people together. Laughter is good for the body, not to mention excellent for teams looking to grow closer and work together with more ease and harmony. 

Lesson 1: When we make it a point to infuse laughter into our workplace, we are happier. 

The Laughing Lovebugs will have you giggling and embracing the power of laughter a way to shift your mood and tap into creativity and joy. 

How To Be A Boss In Your Own Business:

Stepping into your role as a leader comes down to understanding who you are and WHY you do what you do. 

Lesson 2: As leaders, if we want to get to a new place, we have to be willing to break down, challenge and question our current beliefs. Shifting our mindset to focus on the long-term will be transformative to our businesses. 

While creating lasting connections can be challenging, it becomes a lot easier when we understand who we are and who we are here to serve.

By focusing on our ideal customers and taking the time to build out personas that allow us to truly understand who they are, we have the ability to show up to truly serve them and show that we care. 

How To Create A Culture Of Happiness:

When we work to create a culture of happiness, it can be felt through everything that we do; both customers and clients can FEEL it, and it makes our organization more attractive. 

Lesson 3: Understanding who we are as an organization and what we stand for is one of the most important things to establish first, as that's how we determine who the right people are to work with. 

Next, it's all about involving your team in the process to get buy-in and truly start meaningful conversations about what matters most to them in the workplace. 

By taking small and intentional actions as employees and leaders to share our appreciation, we create a culture rooted in genuine happiness. 

How To Generate Unlimited Story Ideas Using The Content Fuel Framework:  

This episode is all about how marketers can tap into their creativity and ensure that they never run out of ideas when it comes to storytelling. 

Lesson 4: Stories are the most effective kind of content because they tap into emotions, making them memorable. The more we can craft stories, the more we will be able to convey our message to our desired audience. 

By focusing on people, history, and data, we can find unlimited concepts to pull from to generate stories that drive engagement from our audience. 

How To Master Chatbots and Messenger Marketing:

There's no doubt that chatbots and messenger marketing have grown in popularity and effectiveness over this last year. 

Customers want quick responses and exceptional experiences, meaning it's important for brands to take time to build out a strategy for how to use these new features and functionality to improve ease of use for their audiences. 

Lesson 5: The future of business is all about providing personalized experiences and fast responsiveness. Chatbots can be a huge help in making things more efficient without sacrificing humanity. 

Whether we decide to use them for sales, onboarding, or lead generation, chatbots can be used to foster so many interactions!

It's all about determining where our brand currently stands and where and how we can use bots to provide relevant information and timely touch points with our community. 

How To Increase Your Confidence On Camera:

This episode was especially topical given the rise of video marketing over the last few years. 

Lesson 6: As marketers, it's time for us to embrace the power of video and start using it to entertain, educate and inspire our audience. Brands have an opportunity to create deeper connections by embracing video more!

While it's easy to get overwhelmed with video, it's important to remember that perfection doesn't exist. Live video isn't about being perfect, it's about providing value and focusing on creating connection.

By practicing going live, getting feedback from our community, and showing up consistently, we will become more confident and effective live streamers!

How To Build Your Influence On Instagram:

There's no doubt that Instagram is one of the best platforms to utilize for growing your influence and generating a sense of community. 

Lesson 7: Instagram isn't slowing down when it comes to updating its features and functionality. With the Feed, Stories, Reels, and Guides, there is so much that Instagram offers for creators to provide value to their audience AND monetize in the process! 

By performing a mini content and profile audit, creating a strategy and updating your bio, you'll be well on your way to using Instagram to generate more influence but more importantly, create that close sense of community among your audience.

How To Inspire Action From Your Live Stream:

Live video is incredibly powerful, as it's one of the strongest ways to showcase your expertise, get to know your audience, and drive engagement on social media.

However, marketers often struggle with how to ask their audience to take action; Infusing calls to action into live streams can be quite the challenge. 


By providing value and showing up consistently, we have the ability to attract the right people to use and foster conversations that lead to long-lasting relationships and repeat and referral business!

Twitter Spaces - Everything You Need To Know:

There's no doubt that there has been a huge rise in audio functionality across social media platforms. 

Lesson 9: Twitter Spaces is such a powerful audio-only space that was created in 2021. There are so many benefits to using audio, such as humanizing yourself and saving time as it's a lot easier to create audio content than video content. 

By diving into Twitter Spaces as a host OR just a participant, we have the ability to better understand why audio is taking off as a new medium for content creation and consumption. 

Just like with any platform, it's critical that we continue experimenting with the new features rolled out, as that is how we continue to learn and grow as marketers and figure out what content truly aligns most with our audience! 

How Marketers Can Best Use The Power Of Data and Analytics To Grow:

Without diving into data, there's no way to know whether our efforts are effective and worthwhile as marketers. 

This episode was all about diving into the metrics that truly matter most to marketers and how we can leverage Google to better understand our audience. 

Lesson 10: Data has to be a critical component of any social media strategy. By setting goals and focusing on the data points that we want to track, we can avoid the overwhelm that so often accompanies the data collection process as social media managers. 

There is so much power to understanding data, as it's what allows us to make changes that cater to our audience and continue tweaking our campaigns and content for maximum performance. 

2022 Predictions on Building a Craveable Brand:

As a fun way to end the year, our last Magnet Marketers episode of 2021 featured some of our favorite folks. We wanted to hear their predictions for what it takes to create a craveable brand in 2022

Jessika Phillips and Mike Gingerich were joined by Craig Severinsen, Candice Denise, Dorien Morin-van Dam, Yvonne Heimann, and Chad Illa-Petersen who shared their takes on what the biggest shifts and opportunities are for brands in 2021. 

The biggest takeaway? >>> Make things more human. The future of marketing is relationships, relatability, and ease of access. 

This last year of Magnet Marketers was one of our best, as we had a different industry expert join us nearly every single week throughout the entire year! 

We are so excited to continue going strong with the show after the holiday season!

We go live online every Tuesday at 4 pm EST.

The best part? >> It's no problem if you can't make it. The replay is always available to watch AND we post a recap blog for each episode so that you don't miss out on any tips, tools, or tactics to help you grow your business!

Want to be sure you don't miss an episode?  Feel free to join our email list.

We'd also love to know: What topics you would like us to discuss? next? Let us know in the comments below! 


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