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June 11, 2012

Looking for a Great Company Culture?

By Jessika Phillips

Last week Inc. Magazine published an article about company culture entitled "The 10 Elements of a Great Company Culture." Much has been written about "company culture" and the achievement of effectiveness - and many times new articles are restatements of existing material. This one was not.

There is no easy route in building a culture of enablement, engagement, and encouragement. According to the article, "Building a company culture of engaged employees takes years and requires consistent execution." The author took their own corporate culture strategy and broke it down to 10 "essential components" called the "10 Cs of Culture":

1. Core Values

Essential guideposts when developed, communicated, and executed in a consistent manner. Values are those behaviors that will never change no matter how the company changes.

2. Camaraderie

Camaraderie is about having fun. It's about getting to know colleagues not just as colleagues, but what they're like outside the office.

3. Celebrations

You can't underestimate the importance of recognizing your team. We go out of our way to celebrate corporate and personal successes too.

4. Community

Part of the fabric of a successful company culture is connecting with and giving back to the local community. We have dedicated countless hours to community service in our local area and to local organizations - and will continue.

5. Communication

We encourage formal and informal communication consistently and at all levels of the company.

6. Caring

Show your employees you genuinely care about them in the totality of their lives.

7. Commitment to Learning

Show your employees you're committed to their professional growth.

8. Consistency

Culture is based on traditions. When you come up with great programs or events, make them regular events and do them consistently. This can take years, but makes a profound difference, that pays off when employees enjoy where they work and genuinely like their colleagues.

9. Connect

Don't isolate yourself at the top. Connect with people at all levels of your company. Get out of your comfort zone.

10. Chronicles

Does everyone in your organization know how the company started? Do they know the personal stories of the founders and what led them to build a sustainable business? People want to know they are part of something special and unique. Greet new employees by telling the history of the company, and impart stories that led to current culture and strategies.

Our NOW Marketing Group team strives for a positive culture of integrity and customer focus. In doing so, we are also excited to answer YES! to each of these headings as a team - and as team members. We endeavor to build genuine connection among our team members - and our clients. Are you looking for a marketing company to partner with who consistently cares - connects - and is committed to communicating YOUR message and building YOUR online relationships? Our focus at NOW Marketing Group is to ensure that your business will be found, be social and be useful online. Our goal and guarantee to you are that your message WILL be heard. Because our team enjoys building a "great company culture" of their own, we would enjoy sharing our passion for what we do with your organization!

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