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March 10, 2016

Qualities of a Social Media Account Manager

By Jessika Phillips

Have you ever wondered what exactly your account manager does on a day to day basis? You may just think that managing a social media account is a piece of cake, because how hard can it be to post some words and pictures to social media anyways? It’s sooo easy, I bet an intern or my 15 year old neighbor can do it.

Wrong. There are multiple things that go into our everyday life to provide you with great social media marketing. Before you have just anyone manage your social media accounts you need to ensure they have the qualities to get the job done. And remember, social media managers must always be a student of their craft because this industry changes daily.

So here is my list of 50 qualities that all good social media account managers have in common:

Things all great social media account managers have in common:

  • The believe in the company's mission and take time to understand the “Why”
  • Know personas for each company and understand what their pain points are.
  • Write creative and engaging content that adds value
  • The NEVER allow you to auto publish Facebook to Twitter
  • Research what’s trending online and how to integrate it into the mix of content
  • They don’t overuse Hashtags #because #its #annoying #and #dont #help
  • Build relationships with your ideal audience by engaging with current, past and future customers.
  • Add their personality in posts
  • Don’t over promote/ under interact
  • They don’t ignore or delete negative feedback
  • Shorten links
  • They’re consistent
  • Create lists on Twitter and Interest lists on Facebook
  • They don’t auto-reply on Twitter
  • They don’t add people to Facebook groups without their permission
  • They know that iphones can take the photos and videos you need to help your brand stand out.
  • Find brand influencers online and build alliances
  • Style creative content on apps like Canva, PicMonkey and photoshop
  • Communicate with clients daily via phone, emails and text
  • Have regular planning and strategy meeting with clients to ensure everyone is on track for a kick-butt year.
  • Test frequency and timing of posts
  • Understand how to utilize social media ads
  • They’re open to change
  • Plan ahead for holidays, events and happenings to work smart.
  • Following trending articles to share when the time is right.
  • Training on what’s to come with social media
  • Write blogs that will add value and make the brand stand out
  • Keep a pulse on all things analytics so you aren’t heading down the wrong path.
  • Keep their own social media on-point. If they believe in the power of social media they’ll do it for themselves as well.
  • Subscribe to blogs that are relevant
  • Read books to help them in their craft
  • A/B Test
  • They create evergreen content
  • Use proper grammar and proofread
  • They integrate video in your digital mix
  • Aren’t afraid to say I don’t know and find the right answer
  • The NEVER allow you to use # on Linkedin or Pinterest
  • The tag others in posts in a non-spammy way
  • They’re always online
  • Know and follow other social media influencers
  • They’re not afraid to test out new apps.
  • They use tools to help them maximize their time.
  • Understand the power of video
  • Use their own images not Google images
  • They change out social media cover images frequently
  • The verify pages and fill out details in full
  • Respond to messages within a timely manner
  • They share content using the 10:4:1 rule
  • The never post salesy posts
  • Encourage employees to dive into sharing social media content
  • They don’t use vanity metrics to track success


Now this is just a short list! There are many more great qualities of a social media manager for your brand. Which qualities did we miss? Which should we add? Drop us a line and let us know.

Just remember a great social media manager is constantly learning how to build the best relationships with your ideal audience online. Marketing - especially social media marketing - should never feel like marketing. Social media is there for people to interact with their friends, family, and the things they care about so use social media for relationship building, customer service, operations, and promotion. In order to do this, pick someone with the qualities above to rock the social media for your brand!

What questions should you ask before hiring a social media manager?

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