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June 11, 2013

What can YouTube do for my Business?

By Jessika Phillips

YouTube and Business?

Most people know YouTube for its singing dogs and funny videos that they watch at the office on Friday afternoons. But, what we've found is business owners don't realize that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and, amidst the singing dogs and funny home videos lies an enormous base of potential viewers just waiting to see what businesses can provide for them and YOU.

While viral videos could seem like an awesome idea in theory, in reality, the majority of small businesses could never handle the type of influx that a viral video could potentially employ. That, however, does not mean that shying away from video marketing is a business person's best practice. Instead, managers need to consider what is actually feasible for their organization, then tailor it to that audience. When a video is created with helpful and valuable information that directly relates to clients and prospective clients, instant interest is created and those viewers' attention spans are held.

You can use YouTube to show "How-tos," use videos to answer frequently-asked questions, interviews, and walk-throughs or virtual tours are great ways to capture a potential customer's attention. See a full list of types of ways YouTube can increase your business and improve your client relationships here: https://now-marketing-group.com/services/video-production/

We've also used videos to go "viral" and show the "fun" side of a business as well. As a matter of fact, one viral video we created landed 10,000 views in the first WEEK it was live. Check out the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yd6mfUHlMqs How long would it take for you to talk to 10,000 people?!


Van Wert Manor Harlem Shake- Viral Video



While some business owners may be turned off by the idea of giving away their "trade secrets", the idea of creating a YouTube doesn't have to be intimidating. In fact, many potential consumers are likely to be drawn to a company that presents its owners, managers, and/or employees in a video because they'll feel like they already know them. They'll feel comfortable, and they'll feel like they already feel like they know the brand, the product, and the people well enough to reach out to them when the time comes to make a purchase of products or services.

Landing on page 3,543,785 of a Google search isn't really an optimal use of any of your resources, or the people you're trying to target, for that matter. Many times, search engines prioritize videos, and since Google owns YouTube, it's just natural to have a YouTube video to sell products and services. Simply put, marketing videos increase SEO. This can be an immediate way to trump competitors and get instant attention to a company's brand. Of course, it's important to be descriptive and guiding when a link is made because the more descriptive the link is, the more people are going to click on it. Keywords are key, so getting down and dirty with descriptions will make the clicks happen!

YouTube doesn't exist in a lonely world with no other social media. In fact, YouTube has many friends. For people looking to market their business, it would be a loss to explain how great YouTube videos can be to marketing campaigns without explaining the tie-in to the rest of the social media world. Online marketing 101 dictates that the products and services will probably already be advertised with you own Facebook page, probably Twitter, and there's likely a slice of Yelp! or Angie's List in there. Ignoring these platforms can literally mean ignoring hundreds of hits (and potentially customers) on a business' website. Sites like StumbleUpon are also great for business referrals.

One of the great things about considering this platform for marketing? You should be able to YouTube it! People can search for helpful advice from other YouTube pioneers, and the analytics of the site allow you amazing hands-on proof. www.YouTube.com/analytics

If you're one of the business owners that haven't yet considered marketing on YouTube, it's well worth the journey to go out there and see what competitors, or even other non-competing businesses, are doing to gain attention. With the world at your fingertips, it's time for business people everywhere to explore their unknowns with a journey into Relationship Marketing.


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