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May 10, 2013

What Does Google Look for in a Website to Rank High in SEO?

By Jessika Phillips

Are you looking to improve your search results online to get more visitors to your website? Don't worry you're not alone... Every website owner covets that precious first place spot in Google's search results, but the strategies of how to get to the top are often fraught with confusion. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees in the world of SEO, and Google carefully guards the secrets behind its algorithm and the query results it generates. Keeping up on the latest SEO developments pertinent to Google's search engine takes time and effort, and it has necessitated professional SEO consulting for those wishing to add a competitive edge to their online presence. When aiming for a top Google search ranking, it is important to keep in mind high quality content and the number of outside links leading to your site. You should also be aware of the importance of social networking and the overall simplicity of the organization of your website pages. That being said, here are just a few tips to boost your SEO results right away:
Tip 1 "Content is King" on websites. As Google wishes to connect its search engine users with valuable website content, the text on your page is of paramount importance in achieving a high ranking. Original content is a sign of a high quality link, and PageRank- a tool used by Google for ranking web pages- will be aware and take into account text on your page that reappears elsewhere on the World Wide Web. PageRank will even be capable of noting the grammatical quality of your site's content, making well-written content a positive asset as well. Along with content, another characteristic of your webpage important in SEO is the presence of outside links to your page. If another site wishes to link to the information on your page, it gives your website some authority and functions as a virtual “vote” for your page's value. Google's search engine also takes into account the quality and rank of the webpage linking to your site. You see where your site ranks for specifics keywords here with

2nd Tip: The More Present you are, the bigger your presence is perceived. Other methods for raising your Google rank include social media marketing, creating and submitting a straightforward sitemap to Google or XML Sitemap, and maintaining a fast loading speed for your website. Almost every well-known business, organization, and individual in today's world uses social networking tools such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to communicate, and a social media presence sends all the right signals to Google regarding your site's importance. A logically organized site that is easy to navigate through also tells Google that search engine users are likely to find the information they're looking for on your website. If your site loads and functions quickly for users, Google will feel confident that it can handle a heavy amount of traffic being directed to it via search engines.

These general ideas are important to incorporate into your website and have been applicable for some time now, but the specifics of SEO can change frequently due to the fact that Google is known to make changes to its algorithm approximately 400 times per year. The lastest changes made by Google are their Penguin and Panda updates. Both Penguin and Panda updates by Google have been the game changer for SEO. SEO is now being ranked mainly on all user-facing content. Keyword stuffed sites without content and regular updates have fallen behind organic web 2.0 websites. Following SEO news and developments is a necessity if the search engine ranking of your website is vital to your company or organization's publicity and potential profits. For more information on what Google is looking for, consult the Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide that is provided by Google to assist webmasters and website owners in understanding how best to go about improving rankings and enhancing a website's quality and effectiveness overall.

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