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May 31, 2013

YouTube is Changing June 5th-What you need to Know to Update your YouTube Channel

By Jessika Phillips
NOW Marketing Group Youtube is changing June 5th

YouTube is changing June 5th. Here is what you need to know about YouTube Channel Updates...

If there is anything we can count on in this world, it is change. On June 5, YouTube will be changing their layout to “YouTube, One Channel.”

The channel change has been available to some who decided to opt in early since March. If you were not one of the early birds who made the switch in February, it will be done for you automatically on June 5. YouTube is aiming to evolve from “a video-based site to a channel based site, where subscriptions rule.” Channels that have made the switch early, are noting a 20% increase in traffic to their page. Branding is standing out in many more places, as Channel Art is now visible on iOS apps, Android apps and TV. Take a peek at our NOW Marketing Group Page on One Channel:



New YouTube Channel Layout- One Channel on YouTube


So what does this mean for me you ask? Well, the basic service and functions will not change. This new design is putting forward two new marketing features: cover photos and trailers. The cover photos give you a way to express yourself. The Channel Trailers are for viewers who are not already subscribed to your channel, so it’s an excellent tool to let viewer know just what you are about. As a note: keep your trailer short and sweet with a quick call-to-action to grab your audience. So basically, YouTube is helping advertisers interact with their customers by promoting channel subscriptions through building a community.

Here are some tips to excel at your new YouTube One Channel and help get found online with it's SEO power:

So to wrap this up, the YouTube One Channel will be like your very own Television Channel, so plan your programming the way any TV channel would. Just like anything new, it will take some time to get used to, get in there and play! Remember, you don’t have much time until the new format is mandatory on June 5, so get in there and create your perfect One Channel!


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