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January 4, 2023

The Best Apps For Digital Marketers in 2023

By NOW Marketing Group
The Best Apps For Digital Marketers in 2023 NOW Marketing Group Blog

If there's one thing all digital marketers can agree on it's this: staying on top of the latest trends and tools are so important. 

Learning about, and testing out, different tools and apps to save time and increase productivity is fun! It's one of the things that makes the role of a social media account manager so dynamic.  

Here's the reality though: HOW we use the tool to build relationships and deliver exceptional experiences is what truly matters.

"It's not about the tool, it's about the technique that we use." @JessikaPhillips (click to tweet)

While all of these tools are helpful, it's all about simplifying your process so that you can focus on the technique of building relationships. That's why we're sharing our best apps for digital marketers in 2022. 
(click the line items below for a deep dive into these tools)

Bonus >> If you're interested in apps for remote team members, here's another list you may enjoy!!


Social Media Management & Social Listening

1. AgoraPulse

We will never tire talking about Agorapulse. 

Not only are they a team of hard-working, heart-centered, passionate people but they have a tool that our account management team uses every single day. AKA, we couldn't do our jobs without them!

This user-friendly social media management software allows you to craft, publish and schedule content, do social listening, manage engagement, work cohesively with your team, pull and collect data for reporting, and more! AP is also adding Google My Business to their suite of accounts, which will make posting to GMB more accessible and help with the overall SEO experience.

If there's one tool we'd point a social media manager to, it's this one. 

2. Hubspot 

Given that we are all about relationship marketing and inbound marketing, it's no surprise that we love Hubspot. 

Hubspot is what we use to store information about our community members and our interactions with them, manage our blog posts, execute our email marketing, build relationships, run analytical reports, and more. 

Not to mention, the Hubspot Academy has hundreds of training and certifications available which our team loves to dive into as a way of up-leveling their skillsets. These certifications are major credibility boosters and we love to incentivize our team to complete them quarterly! We also love Hubspot's schedule booking link and email signature designer. 

3. Facebook Audience Insights

This Facebook tool is super helpful because it provides assistance with your efforts to better understand your audience. 

Through insights, you access aggregated information about people both on Facebook and those connected to your page. We’re able to see age, gender breakdowns, education levels and so much more, which we can use to guide our strategy forward. 

4. Facebook Business Suite

We love to use this tool to access and manage everything that we need for our clients and our business pages on Facebook. 

5. Google 

We're obsessed with the entire suite of Google products. The first being Google My Business because wow, we can't understate how powerful this tool is for managing reviews, responding quickly to messages, updating business information, and sharing posts! We highly recommend getting started using it.

We also love using Google Meet for all of our meetings as well as Google Drive for cloud-based storage. Google Drive makes it so easy to work seamlessly as a remote team because everything is updated in real-time. 


Content & Writing

6. Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator

If you've got writer’s block, Hubspot is here to help you. Thanks to this tool, you’ll literally never run out of ideas for your blog. 

7. Buzzsumo

We love Buzzsumo for how easily it helps you discover content topics that will perform well. 

The tool lets you search for trending topics and find creators that are aligned with what you want to blog about. This makes for great co-creation and collaboration opportunities! 

8. Grammarly

If you write social media and/or blog content, this is absolutely a "must-have" tool.

Grammarly automatically detects potential grammar, spelling, punctuation, word choice, and style mistakes in writing. You can download it as a web or desktop editor, as a browser extension, AND as an app. AKA it's widely used and for good reason; it has totally helped us spot errors and quickly correct them across hundreds of posts. 

9. Frase

Think of this tool as the place where blogging meets SEO; Frase helps you dive into topics you want to write about and find other relevant articles that have been written.

10. Conversion.ai 

We can't get enough of this artificial-intelligence-powered tool that makes writing content a breeze. It's our account management team's favorite tools to find the right tone and wording for content. 

We use this tool to enhance the efficiency of our content creation process for blog posts, website copy, social media, and email marketing. AKA whenever you're struggling with what to write, we highly recommend heading over to this tool to let it do some of the heavy lifting for you.

Conversion.AI is the best tool ever! It's my favorite tool to find the right tone and wording for my content.

11. Rev.com

We love this tool as a way to expand and amplify our content creation efforts, as it's a transcription service that will transcribe your podcasts or videos into written text that you can then use for blog posts, social media and more! 

12. TikTok

We are all in on short-form content. And we know what you're thinking... why is TikTok listed in the content creation section of this blog? >> The reason is that spending time on this platform has seriously upped our content creation game. 

Short-form content is the perfect place to share quick how-tos and tips as well as fun, behind-the-scenes culture-building moments. Reels and TikTok have leveled the playing field as it relates to creating short-form video content. You don't need to have experience with video production to create content for brand, you're able to still reach your audience in a way that is helpful and engaging while having fun doing so.



13. Canva

We've gotta reserve the design section for our one true love, Canva. Everything you need to create fun and engaging designs for posts (and Stories) is at your fingertips.

We literally spend hours every week inside of this tool. With hundreds of free templates available, it’s perfect for anyone making graphics, whether you consider yourself a designer or not! 

One of the best parts about Canva is that it is available on any device, and your designs are saved and held in the cloud, making for easy access. Not to mention, they have training and tutorials that help us level up our design work!

14. Sip App

We love to use the Sip app (color picker) for custom color pallets and pallet management. It's an easy-to-use program that makes it super easy to set your pallets for design and refer back to time and time again. 

15. Unsplash

Unsplash is our go-to tool to find royalty-free photos that we use in our designs, for social media and/or blog posts for ourselves and clients! 



16. Wave.video

We can't say enough good things about everything our friends Wave.video are up to! Not only is their tool an incredible, easy-to-use, cloud-based video editor, but the brand recently launched a weekly live video show called "Live Better" that explores the topic of how to enhance your live streams.

With Wave, you can make amazing-looking videos for your website and social media in minutes.

They have a library of royalty-free audio and video clips, not to mention tons of titles, transitions, and so much more to make your video stand out online.

Our favorite part of the tool? >> The functionality that allows you to instantly resize your video to different formats to suit the social channel. Ah, a social media manager’s dream!

17. Streamyard

We absolutely love this platform for live video streaming because it makes life super easy for the hosts and guests.

Streamyard is a browser-based live streaming studio that lets you stream directly to Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and other platforms.

It’s extremely user-friendly and the functionality is fantastic. You can host a broadcast with multiple people, share your screen, and so much more. Not to mention, they truly understand the value of relationship marketing and have an amazing team of humans that work there! 

18. InShot 

We love this app because it makes video editing on the go SO much easier! 

6-3Planning & Organization

19. ClickUp

If there's one tool that we need you to stop, drop, and run to, it's ClickUp. This project management tool is the Cadillac of project management tools. 

With ClickUp, you can create different accounts, make lists, set tasks, assign them, create due dates, log time, etc… we've been using this tool for years now and find that we feel more productive, efficient, and organized as a result! 

20. Trello

We totally get that not everyone can afford paid tools, which is why Trello is an amazing option!

It's available with a paid subscription but the free version is like a toned-down ClickUp in that it works by use of boards, lists and cards, aka it lets you organize and prioritize tasks for your team! 

21. LastPass

Social media and digital marketers are always super serious when it comes to passwords and security. LastPass is an industry favorite because the tool securely stores all of your passwords and auto-fills them when you go to log in.

The best part? >> You can share access with teammates to passwords, so you no longer have to give them the actual password.

22. Dropbox

Who doesn't love this user-friendly, easy-to-use tool that makes file sharing with your team and/or clients a total breeze? 


Web Development & SEO Tools

23. Yoast

We absolutely love this WordPress tool. It lets you track keywords, set up meta descriptions, and get a feel for how your page will rank.

With both free and paid versions available, this is a no-brainer for all websites. 

24. SpyFu

This powerful tool lets you literally spy on your competition and see what they’re doing. You can learn every keyword that they’ve bought on Adwords, where they rank organically and see their ads. There’s SO much information that you can use to up your own ad game thanks to this tool. 

25. SERanking 

We love this all-in-one SEO software. It’s a game-changer when it comes to SEO analysis for websites. With this tool (there is a 14-day free trial available) you can see stats for where you’re ranking, dive into your SEO and also look at SEO and PPC of your competitors.

It’s a must when it comes to getting advanced with your SEO strategy.

26. PHPStorm

We love this tool for web development. The settings allow our head Web Developer to work with websites quickly and efficiently, saving us time without sacrificing the quality of the development we're doing!



27. GroupMe

We love using this tool as a virtual water cooler, where we can share messages about daily wins or updates, and/or ping team members about an article that we found interesting.

It's a tool that we use to stay connected, get to know each other better, share information, AND cheer each other on. 

28. Apple Notes

This tool makes it easier than ever to scan documents and send them as pdfs. Not to mention, you can make lists in notes and share them with your contacts and watch them get updated in real-time. 

29. SaneBox

We love this tool for cleaning up your inbox and spending less time on email!  SaneBox simplifies the email process by using powerful algorithms that learn your email behavior to organize your inbox.

The average SaneBox customer saves 12+ hours/month, so we'd say it's definitely worth exploring!

30. Voxer

We're BIG into voice communication; not only is it more human, but it's faster and so much easier! That's why we love this Walkie-Talkie style app as a way of staying in touch and sending each other quick reminders throughout the day. 

When you operate as a virtual team, tools like this are game-changers! 



31. Audible

So, you want to read more books but struggle with finding the time to sit down and actually read? ...yea, us too. That's why we LOVE audible.

Audiobooks are where it's at! Not only are they convenient for the ability to listen while driving or doing laundry, but so many authors dictate their own books, making it feel like a more personal experience! 

32. LinkedIn Learning

We are ALL about continued learning and development, which is why we love this tool from LinkedIn. LinkedIn Learning is a FREE hub of video training courses across virtually any topic you could think of. 

Take these courses to up your game and showcase your skills on your profile! 



33. Flight Tracker

If you're a big traveler, you're going to love this app when you travel. This is Jessika's go-to to stay up to date on her flight, bags, and all information about her connections. 

34. Goody

Goody will help you find curated gifts for any occasion and easily send them on the go. All you need is an email or phone number to send the perfect gift to someone you care about. 

35. Sugarwish

Showing you care has never been sweeter, thanks to Sugarwish. With Sugarwish, it's easy to send anyone a sweet treat delivered straight to their email OR via text. 

The best part is that Sugarwish lets the individual decide what sweet treat they'd like. They have many options to choose from - gummy candies, chocolates, popcorn, wine, hard candies and so much more. It’s a really cute way to show some extra love to the people closest to you.

36. Thnks 

This app is all about growing business with gratitude, and we are here for it! They make it super easy to say thanks via a thoughtful gift. The best part? There are thousands of options to pick from! 

By tapping into the array of tools available, we have the ability to save time without sacrificing the quality of the content we create and the relationships that we build. 

What are your favorite tools that you use as a digital marketer? We'd love to know! 

Let us know in the comments below!

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