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November 26, 2014

Do CEOs Read Blogs and Use Social Media?

By Jessika Phillips

Quick question: When I say the word CEO what words come to mind?

Visionary. Leader. Hard-worker. Driven. Sure, all good.

But what about "Curious?" "Thoughtful?" "Hungry for information?" O.K., that’s three words, but you get the picture.

CEOs are fantastic leaders who demonstrate their visionary characteristics on a daily basis through collaboration and a determined focus on long-term goals. They do that by keeping up. Staying educated. A CEOs relentless need to stay ahead of the curve and keep their finger on the pulse of their industry and their customers is what sets them apart from the crowd.

It’s in a CEO’s DNA to devour information. And what better tool is there than blogs an blogging? Blogs deliver a wealth of knowledge in a quick, efficient manner, making them a dream resource for CEOs.

And the vast majority of successful CEOs know this. And they take advantage of it.

The fact is, today’s CEOs keep their brains fueled by keeping their fingers on the pulse of the world through mobile and online media every single day: With their morning coffee, their afternoon lunch, before and after meetings, and even before hitting the lights at bedtime.


Don’t believe us? How about some blogging stats:

92 percent of companies that blog multiple times a day acquired at least one customer through their blog

82 percent of marketers who blog once per day acquired at least one customer through their blog

57 percent of marketers who blog monthly acquired at least one customer through their blog

* Stats via Hubspot 

Do CEOs read blogs?

Yes. They want to. They have to.

CEO's crave being the smartest person in the room and the easy way to do that is by staying tuned in. The absolute best way to do that is by keeping their eyes on educational and dynamite industry-related blogs.

Bloggers are a major part of the online community. They deliver everything from opinions to educational articles to breaking news about companies, products and services.

Not only that, blogs are a tremendous resource CEOs can use to see where they stand. From consumer reports to positive and negative reviews about their products, the most honest information normally comes from blogs and articles online.

In fact, their own contacts in the media and their industry can keep them informed of up-to-date information that becomes available. Many CEO's put an alert on their phone to let them know when their company pops up online somewhere. A Google alert can send notifications for any mentions as often as once per day to keep them abreast of anything new.


But what about social media?

If you think CEOs don’t care about social media, think again. Many are habitual LinkedIn users because it is the perfect platform for professionals to exchange ideas about their industry and mentor others.

Not only that, CEOs can establish themselves as an expert in their industry by writing their own articles online, demonstrating their authority on their chosen subject. Articles written by CEOs appear on Forbes, LinkedIn and other business magazines and forums and are a great way to demonstrate their knowledge and skill while sharing information.

Companies are built and broken by consumer intent. So it makes sense a CEO would want to keep his or her ears on the ground to listen to what customers are saying and what industry experts are doing. With Smartphones giving us 24/7 access to the online world, staying connected to customers and hearing their experiences are a fantastic way to help a CEO manage his or her executive teams in a highly effective and efficient manner.

Are you wanting to take advantage of online interaction for your clients and potential customers? Are you using blogging and social media to reach out to them and form relationships? Marketing agencies come in all shapes and sizes, with different specialties and talents. But there are core values and skill-sets that make some better than others.

  • Strategy & planning
  • Frequency of interaction
  • Cutting edge technology

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