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May 18, 2021

How To Create A Frictionless LIVE Video Show Experience

By NOW Marketing Group

Video is one of the most powerful kinds of content that a brand can create, in fact, 82% of people prefer LIVE video over a company's written social media content posts, and according to Forrester, users watch live video 10 to 20 times longer than on-demand content, making live streaming a powerful way to deliver interactive content.

If we want to get our message across and create a sense of community, video is one of the most compelling kinds of content that we can produce. @jessikaphillips (click to tweet) 

This means, If we want to build engagement and brand crave-ability, video is one of the most powerful sources of content that we can create. But the beauty and the curse of Live video is that anyone can do it and now that many are joining in on the trend we must focus on how we harness the power of Live video.

When it comes to creating Live Video content, it's important to focus not just on the tools, but the technique we use going into it.  

It's not what we do, but HOW we do it. What makes people want to WATCH Live Video content?


We must first ask ourselves, will our community want to WATCH? If we focus on the main elements of creating craveable LIVE Video content, it will serve to resonate with our community.

Here's the WATCH formula to help build the perfect Live video or Live Show for your brand:

W - What purpose? For what purpose are we making this content? 

A - Activators. Who are the people we can feature and build community with? 

T - Technique. What's our style? Our tone? 

C - Consistency. How often are we showing up? 

H - Human! How are we adding humanizing (#Unfiltered #Unscripted) moments & elements to really connect to our audience? 

Let’s break it down further.

The WATCH Formula:

What Purpose:

In order to create an excellent show for your brand and utilize live video fully, it comes down to being thoughtful. It’s important for us to ask ourselves for what purpose are we making this content?

People planning a live video showThere needs to be a strategy behind what we do and live video is no exception. Defining the purpose will put you, and all others involved, in the right frame of mind when thinking about the overall goal for the show.

Ask yourself these foundational questions:

>>> Who are we making the show for?

>>> What do we want this show to do for our brand?

>>> Are we trying to grow awareness, create a sense of community? 

We want to start from the inside out - with our brand manifesto - because we KNOW that our message is bigger than our product or service.

During this planning process is when we’re thinking about how we can show up to CARE for our audience; how can we Capture their attention, Articulate our message on video, use live video to build Relationships, and provide exceptional Experiences for our audience?

Relationship RIO & CARE Flywheel-WEB-03

The sales cycle is never done, so as a brand it’s about thinking about how can continue to do this over and over again to delight, deliver and do it all again. @JessikaPhillips (click to tweet)

This is why getting clear on our WHY and purpose is the first step. WHY do we want to start this show and what is the end goal?  


Now that we understand why we are creating the video content or "show" in the first place, it's time to start thinking about whom to loop in to make it successful - both internally and externally. 

people planning around a laptopThe activators are the people you'll want to get involved in the show because the goal through taking a relationship marketing approach is to turn followers into fans, clients into advocates, community into collaborators, and employees into evangelists. 

Knowing your activators is knowing your community and taking the steps to build a brand that is worthy of support.

When thinking about our activators, we want to identify the core audience persona as well as know in our community feels a sense of trust and belonging with our brand. @jessikaphillips (click to tweet)

Your activators are those you'll want to collaborate with and feature on the show. In this step think about how you can start conversations with those people, and what connections you may have that will bring value to your audience.

Activating your message helps to bring awareness and amplification, which is critical to driving eyeballs! 


The next step is all about figuring out the technique for the show. 

Given that 94% of marketers agree that videos have helped increase user understanding of their product or service, it’s clear that videos are educational and informative. @jessikaphillips (click to tweet)

Video content serves to educate, entertain and engage! 

Laptops, phones and headphones on a deskThe technique is all about how we build in experiences focused on an ideal audience. This takes into consideration the tone and style of the show, the tools needed, time allotted, and the value proposition of what makes the show stand out from others. 

Questions to ask yourself: How are we coming across? Are we using this to educate, entertain, expertly lead a discussion or simply to engage and inspire? 

This step is where you'll start to get into the nitty-gritty details for planning out how long the show will be, how the show will be approached from a tone of voice standpoint, how the show will LOOK from a branding standpoint, and how you're going to keep people coming back for more and engaged throughout the show.   


Now that you're planning the details of the show, it’s important to consider consistency. This step is all about asking how often are you're showing up?

We all know that consistency is critical to creating a sense of community. In order for our show to be craveable, it has to be consistent. @jessikaphillips (click to tweet)

scheduling a live video show flow using post itsDuring this step, we get clear on how often will we produce this show? Where will people find it - LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, or all three!

It’s also important to consider how people will sign up and be notified about the show. Are you using email marketing? Just social media? Are you making graphics to promote the show? How early are you starting to talk about the show before it starts?

The most important question to ask yourselves: How can we make a commitment & provide a dedicated appointment for them to connect with us on a regular basis?

Getting clarity on these questions will help you feel prepared and confident before launching a live video show. 


This final piece focuses on adding personality to the show. Personalizing elements within the video to really let your community feel seen, heard, and have a sense of belonging.

Think about how you're going to show up as a brand with the goal of building relationships. What will make the show stand out and be remembered? What will keep people coming back time and time again?

It's important to remind yourself that it’s not about WHAT you do but rather HOW you do it that makes all of the difference.

The HOW of our brand's live show is going to be what keeps people coming back a lot more than the WHAT. @jessikaphillips (click to tweet)

Putting It All Together:

At the end of the day, Relationship Marketing is all about turning your followers into fans, clients into advocates, community into collaborators, and your team into evangelists - and video is one technique we can use to accelerate that. 

RM followers into fans

Want to learn more about the WATCH process? Here's a recap of our founder, Jessika Phillips' presentation at Streamyard's Video Success Summit in 2021


What do you think? How is your brand using live video to create a sense of community and build relationships?

Let us know in the comments below!

NOW Marketing Group Live Video Show Flow Template and Checklist

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