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October 2, 2020

Recent Changes in Social Brands Should Know: October 2020 Edition

By NOW Marketing Group
social media changes Photo by Georgia de Lotz on Unsplash

🎶Cha-cha-cha-changes 🎶 

We have the LATEST and some of the most noteworthy updates to all the social media channels, which your business will want to optimize, for building relationships with your current and future customers. We know it’s tough to keep up on everything since it seems like there’s a new update everyday, (in fact, three new exciting updates have rolled out since our live discussion). Not to worry though, we’ve got you covered! To keep your already busy schedule a little less stressful, we’ve got your cheat sheet to all the deets below. And as always, our goal is to always keep you "in-the-know” to help you harness the power of social. So let’s dig in, shall we?


LinkedIn Implemented a New Way to Share Stories

The latest and one of the most exciting updates is from LinkedIn. They have Stories! Say whaaa?! Honestly, you’ll hear the argument that LinkedIn isn’t the place for updates that make the platform more like Facebook or Instagram, but we beg to differ. Stories are such a great way to show your Brand’s personality, and give your audience a behind the scenes peek to help build those professional connections. 

What to post >> share a day-in-the-life, sneak peeks of your team in a brainstorming session, how to make that “amazing product” you sell, ask questions to pull the conversation into your inbox, culture moments that makes your brand and your people unique - humanize the company.

What not to post >> don’t inundate with pitches, images and videos that might be “inappropriate” in your industry - read your audience.

It’s super imperative to create those intimate, personal moments online to help your brand standout amongst a sea of samsies who just add to the noise online.

>> If LinkedIn Stories hasn't shown up on your profile, no worries… it will soon.

LinkedIn Ads are Getting some LOVE

LinkedIn Ads has been shown some love with their newest update as well. Ad spends have been pretty inexpensive earlier in the year, but lately they are becoming more and more competitive and LinkedIn’s ads are traditionally a higher spend than other platforms. So what’s new? Targeting. Ahhhh the uber-important ad target. Why does LinkedIn ads speak to the B2B marketer? Because LinkedIn users are typically more likely to keep their information updated, thus targeting becomes more reliable and LI just gave the marketer more options to tell their story to the persona who is most relevant. No more “billboard” marketing, tossing it out there and hoping to catch a relevant lead. 

>> Check out ALL the deets >> LI Targeting GOODSSSS

Pinteresting News

Just when you thought Pinterest was pretty much the greatest thing since a pinterest-perfect piece of sliced-bread, they’ve added to their awesomeness. Pinterest ALSO is now in full-beta mode for Stories. Gimme all the DIY craftiness!

DIY craftiness is certainly it’s wheelhouse, but oh my gosh Pinterest is an SEO-POWERHOUSE and offering Stories is just one more publishing option that gives “creators a way to tell dynamic and visual stories.” While we are supporters of the pin driving users back to a homebase-website, Stories is another option to share without having a website link - meaning ideas shared within the pin will be more actionable and more engaging.

BUT WAIT… There’s more.

They’re also changing up their analytics dashboard, offering reactions to pins and creating an engagement tab so creators can manage their pin activity in one space.

>> Here’s a deep dive into Pinterest shaking things up.

BUT WAIT… there’s even MORE.

Pinterest is launching a Holiday Hub. eCommerce has been HUGE this year and Pinterest is making it easier for businesses to maximize their holiday sales. Pinterest is actually on a faster growth track than Facebook, SnapChat and Twitter and has refined its eCommerce focus. 

>> Check. It. Out. >> here.

Instagram REELS 

Like all things… there’s typically a few hiccups when you’re just starting something new. Reels had a few hiccups in the beginning, however Instagram is making updates to help create a frictionless experience for the user.

First up- Longer clips… yay! We aren’t meaning long-form video, but a 30-second clip is an improvement from the 15-second-only version. Following up that sought-after update is an expanded 10-second timer and improved trimming and deleting options.

Instagram wants to make a significant move on the TikTok market and making updates that align with that demo is certainly helping the cause. 

>> REELS “deteels”

All Things Facebook

Holy smokes grab a coffee, there’s a lot here. The first and most PTL/OMG-worthy update that will make anyone who has EVER tried to create a FB ad graphic, rejoice… Facebook has removed the 20% text limitation on ad graphics. Let me say it louder for those in the back… They REMOVED THE TEXT LIMITATIONS 🙌🏻 That text juggle on the ad was a complete struggle. However… just because the limitations have been removed, don’t go crazy. Think about what types of messages and visuals resonate with audience. If you start overloading your graphics, your people may keep on scrolling. Take an audience-first approach and have fun with your creatives.

>> Say goodbye to the grid!

Up next, facebook is making the world smaller. We’ve already seen a shift into dark social communications and creating smaller more relevant groups and communities online, now facebook is taking it a step further and revisiting it’s roots. The platform is introducing Facebook Campus. This is a college-only space meant to create and build connections among those within a university who have shared interests. With full and time-time remote learning it’s tough making those connections students typically would make as they’re participating in on-campus clubs, groups and in-class.

>> It’s still in beta-mode and is only available to certain test markets at the moment. Check out all the info and see if your school made the first-round list.

Facebook has expanded its testing of hashtag usage metrics as it shares stats within the post composure as you’re building your message. It’s super helpful to put your message into relevant, interested and engaged audiences as more people are using the hashtag to search, sort and filter information.

>> More on the hashtag > #deets.

Facebook’s business suite rolled out and is a beautiful update. Not only because IG and FB are accessible in a single space, but so are your ads and the creator studio, as well as real-time engagement and analytics metrics. The app does take a little getting used to, but everything at your fingertips… yes please.

>> Facebook’s “suite” update … see what we did there 😉

We all have that “ahhh yes” moment when we see our content shared… we’re giving the people what they like. YET, sharing and stealing are two VERY different things. Who has done a quick google search to find just the right image for a post/meme/gif/blog… and grabbed it? While we’re not intentionally stealing, those images/videos/memes/words, are someone else’s intellectual property and passing them off as your own can get you fined or worse. Facebook is cracking down on users who are passing off content as their own with their new Rights Manager

How does it work? Easy peasy, you sign-up, add the content you’ve created into their library and the Manager takes it from there. Facebook and Instagram will be searched for content that is matched to yours - if it’s matched you have your choice of next steps. Maybe you want to do nothing, maybe you want to reach out because this person sharing your work might be great for a collab, or maybe you want it blocked. Control is back in the hands of the creators.

>> There’s more details than what we’re sharing, so learn how you can get signed up… HERE.

NERD ALERT - I love to organize things. There’s a peace to a clean playlist. NOW you can get into a zen space with your Facebook Videos. Playlists and Categories within the FB Watch section of the Creator Studio focuses on giving more flexibility when publishing videos. You are able to publish your content based on theme or topic, not necessarily episode-only. Meaning thematic content can now all be grouped under a relevant playlist.

>> Find your organizational zen with more details.

There’s a few more nuggets we found that you might want to take note.

TikTok | WeChat

In talks of continuing - Oracle and WalMart are purchasing - ink isn’t dry, but that’s the word on the street.


Ad updates similar to LI with an inventory of different ad types to offer more control over their campaigns and enhance them to get the best ROI.


In the not so distant past YouTube implemented an age-gate to monitor video content and it’s appropriateness viewers under age 18. They’ve upped the ante and have expanded and enhanced their AI to determine age-appropriate content. Currently creators need to manually check “not for kids'' when sharing content, ensuring social responsibility. 

Closed Captions for IGTV videos

Auto captions have now been added to IGTV videos. This is super helpful for accessibility as well as for those viewers who may not watch with volume up.

** Bonus updates since the live show:

Meet the new Facebook Groups all the updates announced from the live annual Facebook Community Summit October 1.

New Instagram Shop just in time for the holiday sales

Phewww… that was a blog-full! All great stuff. We’d love to hear what has you amped and what updates and changes have made an impact on your brand. If you’d like to stay “in the know” about other changes happening in-real-time, join our Facebook Group: Relationships & ROI.

And if you’re struggling on creating epic content for social media platforms- we’ve got you covered in our free guide on how to create content out of thin air. 

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