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February 20, 2016

Snapchat is the Next Step to Social Media Success

By Brian Williams

In 2015 people were buzzing that Snapchat would be the next step for your brand as the popularity of video continued to rise. Still many businesses are confused on how Snapchat can actually be beneficial to their brand. The thing about marketing that we need to realize is it is always changing. The constant change means we need to adapt to the new ways users are consuming content and that means 2016 is the year your business must be on Snapchat.

3 Reasons Your Business Must Join Snapchat in 2016:

1. Tell your Story

2. Guaranteed Consumption

3. The biggest growth among all social media apps in 2015

No matter how long you have been in business, I’m guessing you have a story to tell. Are you in business to help people medically? Help people find jobs? To teach students? Repair cars? The list really could go on forever but whatever your field may be, you have a story to tell. Plan out your Snapchat content in a way that will help tell your story. Are you a motivational speaker sharing a video on Monday mornings to give others inspiration to make it through the week? Are you a fitness guru sharing a new workout tip or routine for #flexfriday? Tell your story in a way that reflects your brand and keeps your user(s) coming back for more.

Unlike Facebook or Twitter where there is so much content that yours may be overlooked, the content posted on Snapchat is guaranteed to be consumed. The user knows the importance of paying attention to your Snap because of the time sensitivity of the content. With Snaps disappearing within 10 seconds or less and Snap Stories disappearing after 24 hours, the user feels a sense of urgency to consume your content before time runs out. This means that you will have your viewers’ full attention during the time the Snap is viewed because once it’s gone, it’s gone forever.

Did you know Snapchat had the biggest growth among all social media apps in 2015? Thanks to the Discover feature and Live video from major events, Snapchat has become a news source all its own. So let me ask again... Why isn’t your business or brand on Snapchat? Everyone jumped on board in 2015, and 2016 is looking to be an even bigger year for the app. With 6 billion video views a day and growing, someone somewhere is waiting to watch your content. You have a story to tell! So don’t delay, start snapping today!

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