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May 19, 2016

The Best Time to Post on Social Media

By Jessika Phillips

We're often asked when is the best time to publish on Facebook or share on Twitter. With social media growing at rapid rates the past 5 years it's become increasingly harder to stand out amongst all the noise. Now everyone is becoming more "social." While the lists don't always agree on the best day and time to post on each social media platform there has been pretty reliable information that tells us at least what's working. We researched on our accounts and gathered all the information we could find from leading experts in the digital space and turned it into an easy to read infographic so you can see the best time, day, and platform to post your content in order to reach the most people! Yeah, you're welcome.

Here's something to note, however, the key to being seen on social media is producing consistent interesting and valuable content. People share what's valuable and interesting. We related to context on social media that's visual, educational, entertaining, engaging and most important- SOCIAL! The real key is to post really good content and then maximize it with the best time of day, platform and even ad budget to expand your reach. Then activate your brand advocates by encouraging them to share content. (How? Write content they will enjoy!) 





There is no secret sauce, magic formula, or quick prescription to be successful on social media. You must earn your attention, space and you do that through being genuine in your approach. The key is to have a social media strategy.

Steps to creating a Social Media Strategy:

  • Identify your buyer persona
  • Identify your brand identity and brand goals- What makes your company unique? What is your voice? Mission? What are you passionate about?
  • Establish goals and plan for success
  • Hang out where your ideal target audience is- Pick social media sites that match who you're trying to reach and your companies goals.
  • Write engaging content to draw attention around your brand- Use the 4-E Checklist- and the 10:4:1 Rule to planning content. Create content that engages, educates, setting yourself as the expert in your field or entertains and limit selling to 10% of the time.
  • Keep content current. You can plan out and schedule posts but maintain your social media sites. Do not let your social media sites sit empty.
  • Use photos and links that direct back to your website. Sites such as canvapic monkey, infogr.am and unsplash can help you create engaging images.
  • Create engaging contests- Use tabsite.com to run fun social media contests on Facebook to build fans.
  • Blogging should be a part of your online strategy- use wordpress and SEO Yoast for SEO.
  • Measure results!! Improve and grow! We recommend using Scoreboard Social

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