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October 16, 2015

Why Do I Need to Revamp My Website?

By Kate Ellis

You’ve probably spent time building your website, perfecting it. But once a website is designed it’s important to continually evaluate and update it. If a website sits without care for too long it will get stagnate.

Here are several reasons to revamp your websites and continue to nurture your potential customers and see real sales.

One of the most important aspects of your website is how people find it. We all use Google as a verb now, and understand its value in bringing new people to websites. 44 percent of online shoppers begin by using a search engine. It’s important to understand how Google finds those top 10 links, and making sure you keep up with how Google is working.

Search engine optimization is creating and maintaining a website with search engines in mind. For people to find a webpage you’ll want to incorporate keywords into URLs, headlines, and content.

With the newest Google Hummingbird update it’s become more competitive for search engine optimization. To learn more about how Google Hummingbird changed how SEO works check our previous blog on the topic.

The main idea is that you want to create high quality and true content. If potential customers ask questions answer them!

The Hummingbird update should remind us that technology is constantly evolving. Webpages can integrate blogs, polls, videos, social media, and more. Review new technologies and incorporate them if they seem relevant.

Once they find your site, remember that potential customers are looking for specific content. Inbound marketing teaches that people are on a buyer's journey, and they start by looking for answers to their problems, e.g. they might search how to pick out the best earbuds. Once again, you want to answer those questions.

If you come up with questions people may be asking about your products, you can tailor content to answer those specific questions. Remember, 60 percent of the buying cycle is over before a potential customer talks to a sales representative. If your site isn’t answering questions they are likely going to click off and head to the next website on Google.

Mobile users are expanding exponentially and they expect a website that is easily seen on their smaller screens. Responsive websites are extremely important to keep mobile users on your web page. If your website isn’t optimized for mobile screens 27 percent of consumers will leave.

Responsive websites “snap” into place, allowing for comfortable browsing, regardless of screen size. On mobile fonts are increased and layout changes to match the narrowing screen size.

Have you ever visited a website with a broken link or content that isn’t loading? This can be frustrating. Sometimes these problems are caused by updates to browsers like Firefox, Safari, or Chrome and can make parts of your website disappear or not work as intended. To make sure the site is fully functional it’s important to update it.

People pay attention to the design of websites. You’ll want to refresh the design with an engaging theme and keep up with website fashion. Don’t let you webpage fall to the wayside of other updated and stylish sites.

Your website isn’t a brochure and it needs to have a strategy to build and nurture leads, turning them into customers.

Your website is never done and now more than ever you have to play the game.

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